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Torbjörn Gylleus - UW photographer


I have always had a strong connection to the sea, and grew up in a family where my mother worked as a swim teacher inte summers, and my dad was a dedicated wreck diver, and somewhat of a pioneer among the Stockholm divers. I got used to the water early on, and tried scuba diving as a child. The Baltic Sea was dark and a bit scary, but I was fascinated by the environment and saved up all my allowances to buy a Minolta Instamatic camera for UW photography which I used when free diving.

During my childhood I took some pictures on land, but it was only in my 30s that the interest for diving was awakened, this after a trip to Zanzibar. In 2001 I got a UW housing for my digital camera, and my interest in UW photography sky rocketed. After this, I have done hardly any dives without my camera. What makes UW photography so exciting is that you never stop developing as a photographer, there are always new challenges and techniques to be learnt.

I also have an interest in maritime history, and wreck photography has become somewhat of a signature of mine. My pictures of wrecks have been awarded in both international and Swedish competitions, but really I like all kinds of motifs and environments, and I love the variety under the surface.

For the past years I have written articles for several diving magazines in the Nordic countries and the United Kingdom. As a result of this, I was asked at the end of last year if I wanted to be part of the new start of the magazine DYK as an online magazine, and today I am working as editor for the Swedish part of the magazine.” 

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