Travel Guarantee (Resegaranti)

Scuba Travel Scandinavia AB has a statutory travel guarantee placed with Kammarkollegiet (Chamber of Commerce). All travel companies selling package trips in the Nordic regions are obligated to have a guarantee. Swedish guarantees are regulated by Kammerkollegiet.

Anyone who arranges or sells travel arrangements regulated in the Travel Guarantees Act (1972:204) must, prior to selling or marketing these arrangements, lodge a travel guarantee with Kammarkollegiet.The purpose of the Act is to protect travellers if a tour is cancelled or interrupted, usually because the travel operator has gone bankrupt. The amount secured in the guarantee can be used to recompense the costs of any advance payment, full payment, value of the benefits which were included in the travel agreement and possible costs of return. If the tour for some reason is not completed, the guarantee can be used to reimburse the affected travellers.

Kammarkollegiet determines the amount of the guarantee individually for each and every operator, based on the operator's reports regarding the extent of its business for which a guarantee must be lodged. An operator must report all passengers, since anyone who enters into an agreement with a Swedish operator can be reimbursed from the guarantee that operator has lodged with Kammarkollegiet. The Swedish Act covers all passengers, regardless of their nationality, where they live and where the tours start or end.

Should you have questions, please contact Kammarkollegiet: 08-700 08 00.

Check to see that the travel agency that you are planning to travel with has the required guarantee. Click here to check with Kammarkollegiet

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