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The Scuba Travel Group is growing!

Scuba Travel Dive Travel Finland

We are happy to announce that Scuba Travel Scandinavia is now a shareholder in Finland’s leading diver tour operator - Dive Travel Finland. Managing director Henrik Almers says “We are very excited to announce this partnership and to have the opportunity to offer our services to even more customers across the Nordic region”.

Scuba Travel’s Finnish speaking customers will benefit by being able to get support from both offices in the future, meaning better customer experience. Together with Dive Travel Finland we can offer an even broader expert knowledge about the locations, many that we have visited ourselves.

For more information please contact:
Daniel Benér
Office Manager Scuba Travel Scandinavia

New Scuba Travel ambassador

torbjörn gylleus

We at Scuba Travel are happy to introduce our new ambassador Torbjörn Gylleus! Torbjörn is editor for the online magazine DYK.net, and is also an internationally awarded underwater photographer. He loves wreck diving, and even though wreck photography has become somewhat of a signature style, he loves all kinds of motifs. "What makes underwater photography so exciting is that you never stop developing". Read more about Torbjörn here.

Travel journal from Indonesia by Scuba Travel's Daniel!

Scuba Travel's office manager Daniel recently returned from a trip to Indonesia. He has explored both Bali and and our new destination East Sumbawa Island, which is located west of Komodo.

Daniel was so inspired by his trip, that as soon as he got back he put together offers to both Bali and East Sumbawa Island. Read more about those offers here.



Part 1. Bali Dive Resort & Spa - Tulamben, Bali

"Sometimes we get the opportunity of going away and enjoying the destinations we send our clients to. This time it was my (Daniel Benér) turn to check the pulse of Bali Dive Resort & Spa. It is a dedicated dive resort in Tulamben, Bali. Many of our clients have loved their stay here as it offers great diving, enjoyable days by the pool and relaxing massages. All to a very good price which is always attractive!

BDR driver

I land at the airport in Denpasar after a comfortable but long flight (just under 20 hours). We recommend our clients to stay at least 9 nights here as the flight is quite long. After I pick up my luggage and go through security, Nyoman Suartawan, my driver, is waiting for me with a sign. An incredibly nice man who tells me many exciting things about Bali on our 3 hour transfer to Bali Dive Resort. During normal season (Oct - Nov & Mar - Jun) and low season (Dec- Mar) the transfer is 2-2.5 hours.

On the way to the resort I get the opportunity to feed monkeys and see many of the beautiful rice fields of the Balinese landscape. Once we get to Bali Dive Resort & Spa I am met by the staff who take well care of me after the long journy from Gothenburg to Tulamben. They show me to my room and make sure I get settled in. Even the resort manager Pauline takes the time to welcome me.

BDR crew

The large rooms are well equipped with everything you might need, and are of a good standard. My room was a deluxe room with a pool just outside which was shared with the guests in the other rooms of the same building (a total of 4 rooms). I am struck by how spacious the rooms are and there are even bungalows with sea view or garden view to choose from if you are 1-2 people travelling. If you are a family travelling together I recommend choosing a family room with a double bed and a single bed. These rooms are extra spacious so there is no problem adding an extra bed to accommodate 4 people.

BDR sunrise

At least once you should get up early, just before 6am to witness the amazing sunrise. The light grows stronger for every minute that goes by, and the sky changes colour from red, orange and yellow. Finally the sun peaks out over the horizon, and in just 5-10 minutes the sun has "skipped" over the horizon and started warming up the landscape. Incredibly beautiful and will brighten the rest of your day!

Breakfast is served every morning from 7am and you can choose from an à la carte menu. It feels quite nice to avoid a breakfast buffet, and the opportunity of choosing a different breakfast each day feels luxurious. After breakfast, around 8am, it is time to go diving (however, you can choose what time you want to start diving, whatever suits you best!

bdr restaurant

The diving is very relaxed. Where you will go diving the next day is agreed between you and the dive center staff the day before; you can choose where and when to do your dives. When you have filled out all the paperwork and tried out your rental equipment it is time to go diving. You never have to keep track of your equipment; the staff will take care of this for you. All you have to do is get into the car that will take you to the dive site. Once there, the staff will unload the equipment, carry it to the beach and assemble it for you. After this it is easy to get from the beach into the water to start the dive. Some dive sites requires a dive boat as they are a bit too far out to sea for a beach entry. The days are filled with beautiful dives, and my dive guide Sas makes sure I get to see as much of the underwater life as possible.

BDR muck diving

The diving is a mix of muck diving and coral reef diving. For those of you who don't know what muck diving is, it means that you swim above the black lava sand and look for the odd little creatures that live there. Nudibranchs, shrimp, crabs, moray eels etc. The coral reefs are in many places very beautiful and are surrounded by large schools of fish, which is always nice to see as it indicates a healthy reef.

I recommend trying the house reef which is located just left of the dive center. It is a small reef which contains a large number of marine species and is a just perfect dive to end your day with. We see 3 ribbon eels on one dive which is very nice. Of course you should also di a dive at the famous wreck Liberty which is only 5 minutes away from the dive center. Around the wreck you can see a family of humphead parrot fish patrolling the wreck, as well as octopuses, big groupers and turtles. The wreck itself is still spectakular even though it has been there for many years. I also recommend to do a day trip to Amed as the diving here offers larger coral reefs. Here, we also get to see some reef sharks.

BDR reef

After resting for a bit after diving, I get a well earned massage (remember to not book your massage too close to diving) which is so cheap it is hard not to treat myself. Even if you are not used to massages, I recommend trying one while you are here. I promise that you will not be disappointed. In retrospect, I wish I had booked more of them!

BDR spa

For those of you who would like to do something other than diving, there are many day trips to choose from. Among other things you can visit one of the many temples in the area, or climb the active volcano Mount Batur. I unfortunately did not have time to try any of the day trips as I prioritized diving. But if you would like to climb the volcano you must remember that you will not be allowed to dive the day before as the peak is at 1 700 m above sea level. You will start the trek around 2-3am to make it to the top for the sunrise, so you had better be a morning person. Pick up from the resort is at about 1am. You will be back at the resort shortly after lunch. Make sure to bring a pair of comfortable hiking boots, and you should be in relatively good shape.

At Bali Dive Resort & Spa you will get really spoiled at a very attractive price, which makes this destination worth returning to several times, in order to explore more of Bali and Indonesia. Something I choose to do next on my trip...…"

Part 2. Kalimaya Dive Resort - East Sumbawa Island

"It is time for a little adventure. Through some contacts I have found out about a new dive resort, established on East Sumbawa Island, which according to my contacts should be something quite special. On the island there are (as I'm writing this) no other dive centers which has made me quite wary; why are there no other dive centers here? Is the diving really that good when there are no other dive centers? The questions are mounting, but the answers are scarce, so I decide to extend my stay in Indonesia and visit Kalimaya Dive Resort to make my own opinion.

Kalimaya Daniel

After a very relaxing stay at Bali Dive Resort & Spa I am excited about my upcoming diving adventure. From Denpasar on Bali I jump on a small airplane that takes me directly to Bima (the capital of Sumbawa Island). We recommend having at least 1 night in Denpasar between the international and the domestic flight (in case there are any delays). This is only if you are not already spending a few nights in Bali. The airport in Bima is very small, and really only consists of a tarmac road and a small house which functions as the terminal. Once I pick up my luggage from luggage claim, I meet up with my driver and we start our trip towards the resort. The drive takes us over the mountains on wiry roads. I quickly realise that this is a very poor area as the houses are more like sheds, and garbage disposal has much to improve on.

After a 2 hour drive, we arrive at the ocean, and I am now very excited to see what I will meet. We drive through a small fishing village where a large group of children meet the mini van as it drives through the streets, and then continue onto a tiny dirt road which I at first mistake for a bike path. The road is full of holes, and it is a bumpy ride. The driver turns happily to me and says "Only 1 km to go!". I think to myself "Is this really it? Did I get into the wrong car?". The only thing that seems correct is the fact that we are close to the sea, everything else feels very strange. A couple of minutes later the van clears a steep hill, and I see an idyllic cove; it is Kalimaya Dive Resort. Once we have stopped I am greeted by the staff. It is like stepping into a whole other world compared to what I experienced on the ride here. It is so picturesque with six beautiful bungalows situated right in the beach front, incredibly well crafted considering that we are in the middle of nowhere. It feels like I have arrived in paradise after all the impressions of the car ride.

Kalimaya beach

Stuart and Tegan, the managers of the dive center, welcome me and make sure I settle in properly. They are incredibly social and focused on safety which immediately calms my nerves after the long journey. I still find it difficult to believe that they have managed to build this boutique resort in such a remote location to such a high standard. At the main building you find the reception, diving hall, relax area and salt water pool. We sit down to enjoy the meal together. All meals are served at a long table which creates a very mice atmosphere, and you have the chance to meet and get to know the other guests.

As you can book a share in a double room here, just like on a liveaboard, this resort is perfect for those who, like me, travel alone, as you will not feel at all excluded. You can of course also book a single room, if you prefer. Since the resort is in such a remote location, they are not able to offer an à la carte menu. You can choose what you would like to eat for the following day. For lunch you can choose between 2 starters and 2 mains, the same as for dinner with the only difference being that for dinner a dessert is served as well. The food is delicious and well made, and this leads to many quiet moments after food is served, as we are all enjoying the lovely food..

Kalimaya dinner

So far everything has worked out like planned, and the resort keeps a good standard, but I am still worried about the diving. Will it be good enough, or will it not be worth the long trip? I am filled with anticipation as I jump into the dive boat at 8am on my second day, and we head off towards our first dive site which is about 45 minutes away. It is a pretty bumpy rid as we are going through open sea to get there. After a thorough safety breaching and description of the dive site it is finally to jump into the ocean.

Kalimaya reef

Was it good?

The best coral reefs I have ever seen, the diversity is astonishing and the size of the corals are breathtaking. I can't say that I have been a diver who is especially interested in corals, but this is a turning point in my life as a diver. Seeing reefs this healthy is a true joy, and to experience them with just a small group of divers is amazing. During the week at Kalimaya we only run into one passing liveaboard, the rest of the time we are completely alone at all dive sites. There are few places like this left in the world.

Kalimaya reef 2

Every new dive site we visit adds to my impressions, and it feels like the reef is doing everything in its power to impress us divers. We get to see fish I have never seen before; several different Rhinopia, Ghostpipe fish, a plethora of  nudibranchs, Frogfish, heaps of crabs, Cat shark, reef shark. It is also possible to see mantas, but unfortunately this is not something I get to do.

Kalimaya cuttlefish

The diving is planned so that you do 2 boat dives in the morning, leaving the dive center at 08:00. Once you get back, around 12-13:00 lunch is server and after that you are free to do as many dives as you want at the house reef on your own (but with a buddy of course). The house reef is incredible, and the diversity is so amazing it is difficult to believe it. I do a night dive at the house reef which I would like to say is my best night dive ever! Sam, the dive guide, is so great at finding the weirdest little critters, so my recommendation is to stay close to him. If you feel like you have done enough diving for the day, my tip is to bring a book to read, or just have an afternoon nap, in one of the cabanas (lounge area with mosquito nets).

Kalimaya cabana

The resort is in the process of expanding by adding another 4 bungalows. These will be perfect for families as they will be duplexes, keeping families wall to wall. Once these bungalows are completed, the resort will accommodate a total of 20 guests. They are also building a dive center, complete with a camera room, planned to be completed in January-February of 2018.

What type of traveller would enjoy Kalimaya Dive Resort? If you want to experience incredible diving and accommodation at a nice boutique resort, this is the perfect location for you. You must be prepared for the face that getting to Sumbawa Island is a long journey, and it is a good idea to do a stop in Bali for a few nights before Kalimaya. Bali Dive Resort & Spa is a great option for this stopover. You may travel alone, as a couple of as a group and still have the same amazing experience. As all meals are served at a long table, there is a really nice atmosphere, similar to that of a liveaboard..

As a diver you should be comfortable with diving in currents. Occasionally the currents are very strong, and the use of a reef hook is a must. To be able to dive at all dive sites you must be a certified AOW diver (or equivalent) and have 50 logged dives, some of these in currents (the on site staff will decide which dive sites will be suitable for you). If you want to avoid the dive sites with the stronger currents, we recommend an AOW certification and ca 30 logged dives. During the autumn of 2017 the resort will acquire one more dive boat, which will facilitate dividing the dive group in two, one going to dive sites with stronger currents, and the other to calmer dive sites. It is important to note that the calmer dive sites by no means mean that the diving is not as good, it is still amazing diving at these sites!

Kalimaya pier

As East Sumbawa Island is a new destination, the seasons are still under evaluation. That said, rainy season is between December - March, and I would not recommend going here during this period. Mid season would be around March - May and October - November, with high season between June - September. I have estimated these seasons based on the rain. Taking wind into consideration, it tends to be the windiest when there is the least amount of rain, so if yo uwant to avoid the wind, I would recommend the mid seasons.

I hope we will have the opportunity of helping you with a similar trip as I have now experienced, and don't hesitate to contact us if you would like a complete offer for this destination." - Daniel Benér

Travel journal from the Bahamas by Magnus Lundgren!

Magnus Lundgren, ambassador for Scuba Travel and Exposure Expeditions, went on a shark adventure in March/April of 2017 along with a group of passionate divers and UW photographers. Heading for the clear waters of the Bahamas where sharks are common, it was an expedition with two things in focus - tiger sharks and great hammerhead sharks.

Scuba Travel and Exposure Expeditions would like to take the opportunity to thank all travellers of the trip, and remind everybody that we have a new trip for 2019 with Magnus as the workshop leader. There are limited spaces, and as these tend to book up quickly, don't take to long to book a spot. Before and after a Bahamas trip there are nice muck diving opportunies at Blue Heron Bridge, clear springs and nice salt water dives around Florida for those of you who would like to extend your trip. Email Magnus or Scuba Travel for useful tips.

Maybe I'll see you at Tiger Beach 2019, says Magnus!

All photos in the post below © Magnus Lundgren/magnuslundgren.com.

hammerhead magnus lundgren

"We gathered in West Palm Beach in Florida for a good dinner the night before the liveaboard departed. I met an interesting group of passionate UW photographing divers. Some wanting to have their first close encounter with a great shark in warm waters, others to photograph sharks and grow as UW photographers. Some of the travellers could most definitely be categorized as ”sharkoholics”, for whom Tiger Beach is a must, as often as possible. During dinner I realized that the expectations were on an astronomical level. However, around Tiger Beach reality most often surpasses the dream, and that was the case this time around as well.

shark magnus lundgren

We embarked the ”Dolphin Dream” in the afternoon, and Captain Scott sat at the rudder and his amazing crew took care of us onboard. We ate, filled out paperwork and got ourselves installed, and during the night we travelled to Grand Bahama. Already by the next morning, we anchored at the dive site ”Anchor line” in the world reknowned Tiger Beach area. It was quite windy as we did the first two dives of the day, but we all got in the water and got to experience diving with 20, well, maybe even 30 lemon sharks plus a passing nurse shark. We had started.

tiger magnus lundgren

I have dived with sharks all over the world for more than 30 years, and I know that Tiger Beach is in a league of its own. But the week we got was better than that, it was frankly speaking epic diving. The wind died down, the visibility was awesome, the group was so great in the water and we could really make the best of the conditions we had at the dive site ”Fish tales”. We dived with six different shark species; close up on the same dive. The large lemon shark, who when the sun falls through the calm sea is coloured gold in the azure blue water. Sometimes ten lemon sharks, but on other dives there were thirty or fourty. The quick and graceful caribbean reef sharks were always present and easily recognised. New for this year was a group of four to six impressive bull sharks who often hung around under the boat, and we would greet them at the start and end of our dives.

sharks magnus lundgren

Down on the sand we met the impressive tiger sharks of the Bahamas. On some dives one or two tigers, on other dives six, seven or perhaps even more. The behaviour of the group of divers sets the limits when we are blessed with that much ”action”, and everybody behaved exemplary.

hammer magnus lundgren

As if this was not enough, a great hammerhead shark called Patchy hung around ”Fish tales” the entire week. Great hammerhead sharks are a shy species, but Patchy, a well known female from Bimini, had moved to Grand Bahama just as we got there. She is a bold hammerhead that comes right up to the bait box and she swum around us and amongst us for most of our dives. It was an exceptional opportunity. After I got a fresh report from Alex Mustard of ”slow action” around Bimini (where he was giving a workshop at the time), I decidd that we would stay at Tiger Beach. It was a good decision and the week was a total succeess with loads of "great hammerhead action" in addition to tiger-, lemon-, caribbean- and nurse sharks in excellent visibility over white sand."

group bahamas magnus lundgren

Daniel takes over the Scuba Travel Instagram account!

Scuba Travel's office manager Daniel takes over the Scuba Travel Instagram! On Wednesday July 26th, Daniel left for Indonesia to visit our partners at Bali Dive Resort & Spa på Bali and Kalimaya Dive Resort on East Sumbawa Island. He will among other things try the accommodation, the food and the diving, and in this way we will be able to provide you with even more detailed information about these destinations.  If you would like to see what he gets up to on his trip, you can follow us on Instagram, where he will share his experiences.

Kalimaya diving

Exhibition "Wild Water Animals"


Our ambassador Tomas Jansson is showing photos from his travels at Fjärilshuset in Haga, Stockholm. You can visit the exhibition "Wild Water Animals" between June and September, where you can see underwater pictures from all over the world. Tomas is showing photos from among others Komodo, Bahamas and Mexico.

Tomas says: "I am very proud to, together with Fjärilshuset in Stockholm, present the exhibition Wild Water Animals. With photographs I want to show close encounters with crocodiles and sharks. My purpose with this exhibition is to show unique photos of endangered species that we would like to be able to see in the future as well."

Dont miss out on this opportunity to se some amazing pictures of life under the surface. Perhaps you will get inspiration for your own photography, or ideas for your next travel adventure? 

tomas jansson fjärilshuset

Gianni - new to Scuba Travel


We have a new colleague! We welcome Gianni into the Scuba Travel family. Gianni did his internship in 2016/2017 at our sister company Invictus Travel & Training, and has been running around the corridors here at the office. He is now employed at Scuba Travel at 50%, and 50% at Invictus. Once Gianni gets settled in, he will be in charge of the administration for our group trips. Read more about Gianni....

Scuba Travel starts cooperation with DYK


As a continuation of our ambition to grow and reach more divers, Scuba Travel is now starting a cooperation with the Scandinavian magazine DYK.

Through this cooperation new possibilities will be created for us to reach a larger target group which includes the subscribers of DYK and recipients of the newsletter, as well as the travellers and partners of Scuba Travel. DYK will also join Scuba Travel as a media partner for events, and also for some trips organised by Scuba Travel. In this way we can keep working towards our common goal - to promote diving and help even more people discover the fantastic underwater world.

DYK - The Scandinavian Dive site, in February of 2017 launched DYK NetMag, a frequent online magazine in a whole new format, which is published 20 times per year. On the DYK website you can find, besides news, the largest diving related archive in the Nordic region containing more than 2000 articles illustrated by more than 10 000 pictures, as well as a guide to dive centers and other diving related businesses in the Nordic countries.

You can find DYK NetMag here


Equality Run

micke wolhardt

Scuba Travel are proud sponsors of Equality Run, an initiative by our ambassador Michael Wolhardt. Micke will run from Gothenburg to Stockholm (ca 550 km). He is doing this to remind us all of the importance of humanity and the understanding of every human's right to a decent life, all while collecting money for UNHCR and Amnesty International.    

Micke writes: "Running is an excellent way to keep physically fit, but most of all mentally. This idea about running for something that will make a difference hatched a few years ago, but how to direct it was not entirely clear. I feel that so much has happened this past year that my direction became crystal clear; humanity. Without humanity and understanding of every human's right to a decent life we have nothing."

Would you like to learn more about Equality Run and how you can support the project? Click here to get to Equality Run's facebook event (in Swedish only).

 New Scuba Travel ambassador + coming group trip  to Scapa Flow

p-a andersson

Scuba Travel are happy to announce that we have a new ambassador - P-A Andersson! P-A is a cold water diver and tech instructor within Swedtech Diving. He teaches all levels, from beginners to advanced wreck diving and rebreather diving. P-A is no stranger to diving into a cave or mine when the weather keeps him from the sea, but wrecks are his main passion. Learn more about P-A here.

P-A recently returned from Scapa Flow in Scotland, one of the best wreck diving destinations in the world. In 2019, it will have been 100 years since a large amount of ships were sunk in  Scapa Flow outside of Stromness. The main attraction to Scapa Flow is the WWI German High Seas Fleet, entombed in the still green waters.

COMING TRIP: In October 2019  P-A will return to Scapa Flow to be there for the 100 year anniversary. You are welcome to set your name up for our interest list for this adventure which apart from the amazing wreck diving will include exciting local events related to the anniversary.

Scuba Travel will shortly launch this trip, but if you would like to secure a spot in advance, please contact Scuba Travel or send us an email on info@scubatravel.se.

scapa flow

New Scuba Travel ambassador

magnus lundgren

Scuba Travel are proud to officially present Magnus Lundgren as a new ambassador. Magnus has previously travelled as an ambassador for Exposure Expeditions, but will now also go on Scuba Travel's own trips. Magnus is an internationally acknowledged photographer, who does not only take fantastic pictures, but also helps his fellow travellers improve their own photography skills. Read more about Magnus here.


Ambassador trip - Silver Bank March 11-18,  2017

Scuba Travel's ambassador Tomas Jansson recentcly travelled with a group to the Dominican Republic, one of only 3 places in the world where you are allowed to snorkel with humpback whales. Below you can see a few of the wonderful pictures he took while on the trip. Scuba Travel staff Erika joined the trip as well, and has made a few videos from the trip that you can view at the bottom of this post.








If you would like to go to the Silver Bank and snorkel with humpback whales, here is a little list of things that are good to bring:

  • SUNSCREEN (bring with you in the tender, apply, apply, apply)
  • Sun hat
  • Buff (to protect your neck and head from the sun while you are in the water)
  • Soft gloves with the fingers cut off (will protect your hand from the sun while you are in the water, but you can still press your camera buttons without problems)
  • Rashguard (to protect your upper body should you get warm in your wetsuit while still in the tender)
  • A wind proof jacket 


Onboard Turks & Caicos Aggressor II there is a camera table where you can prepare your camera for the trips on the tenders, and a video lab where you can charge your batteries. Make sure to bring along:

  • 2 pin-adapter 
  • OIf you have several batteries to charge all at once, bring a multi plug
  • Laptop or external harddrive, alternatively extra memory cards (you will film/take more pictures than you would believe)


Interested in going to the Silver Bank and snorkel with humpback whales? We still have spaces available on our ambassador trips for 2018 and 2019. You can read more about the 2018 trip with Magnus Lundgren here, and more about the 2019 trip with Ingvar Eliasson here



Scuba Travel group trip to Silver Bank, March 2017





Damajaqua Cascades, 27 Waterfalls. A lot of fun in beautiful surroundings!



A Tale About Great Whites and Whale Sharks by Anders Salesjö

mexiko dyk

“At the end of July, we were 11 divers all full of expectations, who left a rainy Swedish summer to go to warm and sunny Mexico. However, it wasn’t exactly the sun and warmth we were looking for, rather we wanted to realise a dream we all shared; we wanted to dive with fully grown sharks. The thought behind the expedition was to experience both Whale Sharks and Great Whites on the same trip.

We started our adventure on the Yucatan Peninsula, on the east coast of Mexico, where hundreds of Whale Sharks gather every year. They come to this place to feast on all of the fish eggs that float on the water’s surface. After a very long and bumpy boat ride we finally spotted the first Whale sharks. Once in the water we were able to see that there was a huge group of them. They were everywhere; over us, under us, in front of us and behind us. We were surrounded by Whale Sharks. When they were at their most, there was four to five in our field of view and from up on the boat, above the water, you could see at least twenty at once. It was like this on the second, third and even fourth day and there was even a large number of manta rays that made the experience even better. On the way back on the fourth day we heard rumours about that a hurricane was coming and it started to blow powerfully. The storm made it so that our dive with Whale Sharks was cancelled on the fifth day. Despite this, we were all very happy and satisfied. We had already seen tons of Whale Sharks and Manta rays so our expectations had been met.

From Cancun on Mexico’s east coast, we flew to San Diego where we spent two nights at a hotel before we were to go with a bus transfer down to Ensenada in Mexico. From there, we went out onto the Pacific Ocean on the liveaboard boat Nautilus Explorer. The final destination was Guadalupe; the world’s best place to dive with Great Whites. We had now come to the trip’s high point; we would finally get to experience Great Whites under the surface. It was obvious that many of us had had this dream since childhood and now it was going to be realised, once and for all. The cages opened around 7 in the morning after a bumpy 24-hour long journey. Nothing happened the first few hours but then we spotted a Great White from the surface based cages next to the sinkable ones. A few sharks came and went during the day but they kept their distance and there wasn’t much more activity. When day two came we all thought that today would probably be better, with more sharks coming closer to us. Unfortunately, we were totally wrong and we didn’t see a Great White the entire day. Worry began to spread among the travellers wondering if it would get any better than this and if we would see any Great Whites. Thankfully, it got better. Early on day three we had already spotted a shark and after that we spotted even more that came and went over the course of the day. Sometimes they came so close, they bumped straight into the cage. It rattled heartily and caused a clutter when it happened. We had good opportunities to take photos when they came so close and the grand finale was thoroughly enjoyed by all of the travellers”. – Anders Salesjö

If you are interested in diving with sharks, there are more opportunities to go with Anders Salesjö. He is one of Scuba Travels more active ambassadors and he has more trips with sharks on the go in the future. There is a trip to the Galapagos in October of 2017 (1 spot left) where you have the chance to dive with Whale Sharks, Galapagos Sharks, Silky Sharks, Scalloped Hammerheads. In addition to this, he has a trip to French Polynesia in 2018 where you can see an unbelievable amount of reef sharks during a natural phenomenon called “wall of sharks”. Both of these trips are almost fully booked, but there will be more trips with Anders. The next to be created will be a trip to Palau in February 2018 where you can, among other things, experience the reproduction of fully grown Parrotfish, Grey Reef Sharks, White Tip Reef Sharks, ancient squid, well-preserved coral reefs and much, much more. The trip to Palau has not been launched yet but you can let us know you’re interested at info@scubatravel.se.

If you’re interested in going to Guadalupe, we have created a new trip for August 2018 together with our ambassador Tomas Jansson. Read more about it here!


mexiko dyk

mexiko dyk


Scuba Travel attending the Dive show "Dykmässan" March 19 - 20, 2016


The weekend of March 19-20, 2016 Scuba Travel will be in Stockholm. Because at that time it is time for this year's dive show "Dykmässan" at the Nacka Strandmässan. We hope to see as many as possible of you there to talk dive memories and trips. The fair has something for everyone; children as adults and divers as non divers. You will have the opportunity to get inspiration for scuba diving trips, join contests, test equipment, listen to interesting talks and make try dives in the pool. In our booth (B6) you can, in addition to meet our own staff, also talk adventure with our partners in Mexico, the Yucatan Dive Trek and Extra divers, who has diving centres all over the world. Joining us will also be some of our nice ambassadors.

The dive show is open Saturday and Sunday, March 19-20 at 10:00-17:00. Entrance fee is 150 SEK per adult (over 13 years old) and 10 SEK for youth (6-12 years old). The place to be is Nacka strandmässan in Stockholm. For more information about the dive show, go to: dykmassan.se

Together with our partners we will also make a bunch of interesting talks during the "Dykmässa", read more about them below:

Saturday March 19 at 11:45-12:00 (Lilla salen)
Yucatan Dive Trek with Scuba Travel
If you want to get the most out of your Mexico trip, you should go with "Yucatan Dive Trek". They arrange the whole trip together with the Scuba Travel. They will talk about diving with whale sharks, in cenotes, at Cozumel, at Playa del Carmen, but also snorkelling with crocodiles!

Saturday March 19 at 14:45-15:30 (Lilla salen)
Ingvar Eliassons group trips with Scuba Travel
Ingvar will talk about how you can learn to become a really good photographer in the Red Sea, on a liveabaord full of photo interested divers. Ingvar Eliasson is an experienced and well qualified underwater photographer, who has lead photo trips and workshops for many years. He will be joining you on this trip to the Red Sea and help you to the perfect shot! He will also mension his amazing trip to Sri Lanka in 2018, where you'll have the chance to snorkel with the blue whales, humpbacks and sperm whales.

Saturday March 19 at 15:00-15:45 (Stora salen)
Tomas Janssons group trips with Scuba Travel
Big animals! Crocodiles and sharks are the hallmarks of Tomas Jansson's group trips. Tomas will briefly tell you about his upcoming trips; snorkel with crocodiles in Mexico, dive with Thresher Sharks in the Philippines and dive with great white sharks in the Pacific!

Sunday March 20 at 11:00-11:45 (Stora salen)
Extra Divers with Scuba Travel
You will hear about all destinations that Extra Divers has to offer worldwide. From diving in the Canary Islands to the unexplored areas around Halmahera (in Southeast Asia).


Free dive with whales and dolphins in March 2018!

sri lanka agressor

Right now we are putting together a new group trip. A really exciting adventure together with UW-photographer Ingvar Eliasson. This is a trip to Sri Lanka with full focus on snorkelling with whales and dolphins. You will be staying one week onboard liveaboard Sri Lanka Aggressor and during this week you will have the opportunity to go snorkelling with thirteen different varieties of whales, including blue whales, sperm whales, humpback whales etc. You also have the chance to see eight different kinds of dolphins. This is defiantly a journey for those who like big wildlife. We will also have an extension for those of you that like to explore Sri Lankas land side.

Previous trips of this type has been filled up extremely fast. So if your find this trip in March 2018 interesting we recommend you to put your name on our interest list now, email us at info@scubatravel.se. We hope to release the trip in February in 2016.

(published January 21, 2016)

sri lanka aggressor 

New destination and a "bucket-list-must", French Polynesia!

franska Polynesien

We are excited to tell you about our new “bucket list must” that will begin next year. We are talking about French Polynesia. The liveaboard French Polynesia Master will be able to take you to places like Fakarava and Rangiroa to dive with lots of sharks. French Polynesia Master is part of the Master liveaboards and Siren Fleet-family and will be doing its maiden trip in May 2016. French Polynesia is a plethora of small islands with stunning white beaches, surrounded by crystal clear warm water. Situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean this island archipelago is home to some of the most wondrous dive sites, where hundreds of hungry sharks gather in schools to be joined by manta rays and bottle-nosed dolphins.

Sounds interesting? Join our group trip in Oktober 2018 together with Scuba Travel ambassador Anders Salesjö. Let us know now and we will keep you updated, info@scubatravel.se. More information about dates, price and itinerary will be coming later this year (2015).

UPDATE (Nov 2015)! This group trip to Frech Polynesia is now fully booked, all spots where filled within a couple of weeks.

Franska Polynesien

Franska Polynesien


Götaverkens Sportdykarklubb back from God´s Pocket!

God´s Pocket

Götaverkens Sportdykarklubb (GVSDK) returned in May 2015 from Scuba Travel’s first ever trip to God’s Pocket in British Columbia, Canada.

God’s Pocket Resort is situated on beautiful Hurst Island on the eastern side of Vancouver Island. The resort has been operating for more than 25 years, and is a great location for all levels of cold water divers. The island is only accessible by boat, making it a secluded wilderness spot surrounded by forested islands and the waterways of the Queen Charlotte Strait. 

Catarina Jostéus from GVSDK says: ”If you like diving in Swedish and Norwegian waters, you will love the diving at God’s Pocket. Everything is big! The nudibranchs are as big as your fist, and the sea pens are more than a meter high. We swam with sea lions for more than an hour, and the food was amazingly good. We had freshly baked goods several times a day, and waking up to the smell of muffins or bacon is absolutely wonderful”.

Would you like to join GVSDK on their next trip to God’s Pocket in Oct 2017? Click here to see the itinerary, and contact us to book your trip.

Gods pocket resort

nakensnäcka gods pocket

Galapagos Master's maiden trip!

Galapagos Master

Galapagos Master has now spent over eight months in the shipyard, where the refit and refurbishment has been carefully overseen by the owners of Worldwide Dive and Sail and Master Liveaboards.

Onboard Galapagos Master there is space for a total of 16 divers in nine large and modern cabins. In June 2015 she finally made her maiden trip in Galapagos. Please read Mark Shandur's blog below about Galapagos Master's first trip in the paradise.

Would you also like to go on a trip with Galapagos Master? Click here to get to all our departures in Galapagos to find a date that fits you. You can also contact us on info@scubatravel.se or +46 301 22 100. Would you like to join Scuba Travel's next group trip on Galapagos Master? It is in October 2017 and you can get more information by clicking here (text in swedish)!

The Galapagos Master maiden trip blog
(written by Mark Shandur, owner of Worldwide Dive and Sail and Master Liveaboards)

Located at the junction of three ocean currents, the Galapagos are a spectacular melting pot of marine species. Our excitement could not be contained as we made our way to the Galapagos Master. She has just spent 8 months in the shipyard where the refit and refurbishment was overseen by my business partner and Worldwide Dive and Sail founder, Frank Van Der Linde.

The trip was a special one as my wife, Hanako, and I were joined by old school friends Ben Shrimpton, Mark Upson and Alec & Lucy Birkbeck. The maiden voyage also hosted world-renowned photographer, Aaron Wong, and his wife Lynette Ang and Marcel Wilpernig from WIRODIVE. Daniel Brinckmann came on assignment from Underwasser. Then we were also joined by Renee Wong, and four guests who have now become friends, who were on the Fiji Siren with us last year including Mauro Resnitzky, Ramone Gonzalez and Raj & Vijay Vaswani.

The diving in the Galapagos is some of the most unique in the world, and we were anxious to jump into the water and experience Darwin’s playground.

Our first dive of the trip was at Punta Carrion, a boulder strewn reef, where we saw many hammerheads, white tip reef sharks, and schooling fish. During the second dive at Punta Carrion, I noticed a skeleton underwater at approximately thirty metres. Bewildered, I thought to myself, “Who’d thrown their dog overboard?” Upon surfacing, and speaking to one of the dive masters, I realized that we’d seen the skeleton of a sea lion. Doh! Towards the end of the second dive, we experienced a really strange vertical thermocline current coming in. The water temperature dropped by at least 3-5 degrees and the visibility went down to less than 5m. However, this cold, nutrient rich water seemed to bring in many fish and we experienced sightings of huge groupers, who seemed to enjoying appearing from the depths and scaring us!

North Seymour Island was our next stop. We went ashore and experienced some of the amazing wildlife that the Galapagos offers. We saw blue-footed boobies, frigate birds and scores of land iguanas.

Darwin Island was the next stop on our itinerary, and it was absolutely unbelievable. Although no land permits are allowed here, the extinct volcano that reaches 165 metres above sea level is a sight to behold. Darwin’s Arch provided an amazing drift dive with a medium to strong current and loads of schooling fish.
Wolf Island, without a doubt, offered the best dive of the entire Galapagos Master trip. Another massive, extinct volcano that pushes 253 metres above sea level, here our group had the pleasure of hundreds of Galapagos sharks and a frenzy of 40-50 hammerheads. At Wolf Island, we also had the opportunity to meet some local fishermen. Regulated by the park, the fisherman hand catch yellow fin tuna that has already been bitten by sharks. These fishermen had some stories to tell, and we bartered with them. We swapped their yellow fin tuna for water and other supplies, and had a great dinner that evening.

Living up to its nickname “The Ice Box,” Punta Vicente Roca was extremely cold. However, this dive gave us a good chance to see some big marble rays. We looked for penguins, but only encountered sea lions. Diving with sea lions is fun as they are naturally curious and provide some underwater laughs.

The last stop of our Galapagos Master trip was at Cousin’s Rock, the beautiful, photogenic coral covered rock and lava flow. Here, we saw lots of enormous turtles, more playful sea lions and spotted eagle rays. Cousin’s Rock was a great way to wrap up our trip.

As we headed back to Guayaquil, we all prepared for our long, sad goodbyes. It was amazing to be able to experience a destination such as this with such close friends and colleagues; it definitely was a trip of a lifetime.

cabin galapagos master



Scuba Travel at Blodomloppet in Gothenburg!

Scuba Travel team

On June 1, 2015 the whole Scuba Travel team plus our mascots put on our running shoes and went to Gothenburg, it was time for the yearly 5 km race "Blodomloppet". We had a sunny and happy day in the race tracks and finnished our day with a well deserved picnic baskett. Even Camilla did run the race remote from the Netherlands. Very good work all :-)

"Blodomloppet" is a yearly event and the main goal is to in order to draw attention to the importance of blood donation. Please visit geblod.nu to read more about giving blood.

blodomloppet scuba travel


Scuba Travel has growing pains!


Now we have gone and done it again. We are growing! In March 2015 we have increased our, not so little team, to include yet another unique individual. We are both proud and happy to introduce Sanna Bastås to our team. Sanna will be working with us as a travel consultant and with that, we hope to provide all our customers with even better service. We thank all of our fantastic customers that believe in us and allow us to grow, giving us the opportunity to have even more wonderful people to work with here in the office. That means that we have 8 staff in our office, an amount that was merely a dream when Scuba Travel sent the first groups away on holiday 10 years ago.

Sanna has worked in Thailand and South Africa, and most recently the Maldives where she spent two years heading up the daily operations for two of the countries best liveaboard boats. Read more about Sanna here!


New cooperation between Scuba Travel and Exposure Underwater!

 Exposure Underwater

In Jan 2015 a new cooperation has been made, this time between Scandinavia's biggest dive travel agent, Scuba Travel and Exposure Underwater, specialists and supplier of equipment for UW-photography.

- “ We are very happy to start up this cooperation with Scuba Travel. This will give us a direct channel to many of Scandinavias most active divers and UW-photographers”, says Exposure Underwater CEO Magnus Lundgren.

This new partnership gives a lot of benefits for Scuba Travels customers. They will have access to a great amount of photographer knowledge through newsletters and Scuba Travels website. In addition Exposure Underwater will be offering photographer products to special rates to customers of Scuba Travel.

- “ This is the first step of many in our partnership and we look very much forward to offer our customers an even better service and wider selection than before” comments Henrik Almers, founder and owner of Scuba Travel.

Further on, the cooperation will include workshops and trips with focus on UW-photography and great nature experiences. For more information please contact Scuba Travel at +46 301  22 100 and check out Exposure Underwater.


A new app to help you prepare for your holiday!

To the majority of us, wearing a seatbelt while in the car, or a helmet while on a bike, is standard practice. For some reason, many of us don’t respect these same safety rules while we are abroad on vacation. Many of us have heard of, or have been involved in an accident while on holiday and many of us also know the costs involved for both our wallets and on our health. Obviously you cannot stop an accident from happening, but you can prepare well before your trip in case something should happen.

The Swedish foreign affairs department has in July 2014 created an app called UD Resklar. Through the app you can receive help to plan your trip in order to avoid forgetting important information such as your passport, visa or insurance. You will also have access to the Swedish embassy’s travel report and important phone numbers in the country that you are going to visit should anything happen. Download this app before your next holiday: ud.se/reseapp

Other news for those of you living in Sweden is that you can sign up on the embassy’s “Swedish list” via a web portal. In this way the foreign affairs department or the embassy can get in touch with you in the case of an emergency. Read more: swedenabroad.com/svensklistan

Scuba Travel strengthens the team!

Daniel Benér

Scuba Travel continues to grow and in July 2014 we had the pleasure of presenting a strong player to the team in the form of Daniel Benér! Daniel’s main roll at Scuba Travel is as a travel advisor for our private customers and groups. Daniel lives in Göteborg and became a dive fanatic when took his dive certificate during a very cold February in 2000. Despite the cold, he was fascinated by the feeling of weightlessness that comes with diving, as well as the new world that presented itself to him. Read more about Daniel!


Scuba Travel needs more space!

Scuba Travel Team

As our Scuba Travel team has grown over the past couple of years, we were in July 2014 forced to look for new office space. A positive problem of sorts. Luckily, we were able to relocate just down the hall, in the same building and didn’t have to even leave Hindås. 

Camilla on the other hand had to move slightly farther then 10 meters down the hall. She chose to follow the love of her life to Utrecht in Holland. From there she will be working for the next two years. So suddenly we are now in two countries. Welcome to the family, Scuba Travel Utrecht!


Scuba Travel join "Blodomloppet" in Gothenburg!

Blodomloppet teamBlodomloppen Henrik

On Monday, June 2, Scuba Travel joined "Blodomloppet" in Gothenburg to help draw attention of how important it is to give blood! Thanks to Oxygene Gothenburg for entering us all!

"Blodomloppet" first started in 1993 and it is a race where you can choose to walk or run 5 or 10 km. The race is carried out to highlight the importance of giving blood. Being a blood donor is to save the life of another human being. Giving blood means you spend about an hour per year to help a stranger or maybe someone you know. Every day somebody is in need of a blood transfusion to survive.

For more information about where you can donate blood go to geblod.nu


Lovely day with the Scuba Travel team!

Scuba Travel Team

After a great planning meeting in may 2014 the new office, we went out paddling on the nearby lake. Beautiful weather, lots of fun and a picnic on a beach. Thank you guys for an awesome day in the sun!


The Scuba Travel team is growing!

Erika Broberg

Scuba Travel is proud to say that we have a new member of staff with us in the office in Hindås.  As of  April 2014, Erika Broberg joined the admin side of the office together with Heather and Camilla.  Read more about Erika and the whole team here.

Scuba Travel and Red Sea Explorers team up in a new partnership


To further strengthen the already solid foothold in the Nordic countries, the highly acclaimed liveaboard operator Red Sea Explorers has from Jan 2014 and on, teamed up with the Nordic region's largest diving tour operator, Scuba Travel.

– We are already strong in Scandinavia because we deliver the kind of diving that most Scandinavians prefer, but the increasing demand for our unique services warranted a strong local partner that can handle the volume and still make sure that everybody gets what they expect. Scuba Travel has proven to be the perfect match, says Red Sea Explorers’ Chief Operating Officer Mozi El Ariss.

– We are very excited to enter into the partnership with Red Sea Explorers and we look forward to sending guests off on MV Tala, MV Nouran and the other vessels in the RSE-fleet, says Heather Almers from Scuba Travel.

Read more about Tala here.


Welcome to our new website 2013!

We are proud to finally be able to say those words and we really hope that you like what you see.  Our goal has been to make it easier for you as a customer to find out where you want to go on your next dive holiday. Click on the "Start your journey" button on the home page beside the rotating globe so you can start to find what you are looking for.

scuba travel webite

Choose between Wrecks, Reefs & Walls, Wildlife Encounters or Something Special and then click onwards to the holiday destination that will give you the experience you are looking for. Quite simply, we have focused on the experience instead of the destination. After you have chosen your experience, contact us by clicking on the "Panic Button" and we will send you a tailor made offer focused on that which are looking for.

Another tip is to go into our Group trips  and discover all of the exciting destinations that we have made available.  There are trips for all levels of diver and all tastes, from wrecks to marine biology to photography.  We are also pleased to present group trips to the following destinations that we have never had before: Scapa Flow, Bahamas, Madagascar and Fiji

If you are a liveaboard-junkie, then you will love the new liveaboard departure section!  Choose from over 700 departures worldwide, including dates, routes and prices. You can find it under "Liveaboard departures."

Last but not least, you can test diving on some of the world's best wrecks before you even get to the dive site!  We have three fantastic 3D animated wrecks including the Thistlegorm in the Red Sea, Um el Faroud in Malta and the SMS Brummer in Scapa Flow.  We also have an interactive map over Truk Lagoon.  

Happy surfing!

The Scuba Travel team

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