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What services are available onboard?

All of our boats are equipped with DVD players, TV’s and a stereo system, as well as a library for book exchange. The majority of boats have small fridges in each cabin, as well as out in the saloon making drinks accessible 24 hours a day. A daily housekeeping service will clean your cabin, as well as provide a change of sheets and towels once through the week.

What sort of food is served onboard?

Three main meals a day are provided, as well as an afternoon tea. A buffet with a choice of pasta, potatoes or rice, vegetables and meat dishes are served for lunch and supper. Breakfast consists of mostly yoghurt, cereal, pancakes, toast, jam, eggs and juices. If you enjoy having snacks such as chips, cookies or candies with you, we suggest that you pack these and bring them along.

I have special food requirements.

A vegetarian selection is available at every meal, but for those with lactose or gluten intolerance or allergies, we require you to contact us prior to departure. As soya and gluten free products are hard to come by in Egypt, we often recommend you to take milk or bread with you.

Do I need to take my own towel or sheets?

A hand towel, bath towel and sheets are provided in every cabin. These will be replaced once during the week by the housekeeping staff. If you should wish to have a small towel for drying your camera or lamp, we recommend taking a small hand towel for this purpose.

Electricity onboard

Egyptian boats have sockets that are suitable for a European style plug. If you are traveling elsewhere, please see the specific destination for information about sockets.

What sort of cabins are available onboard?

The majority of cabins are twins, meaning that there are two single beds. These are not bunk style, but are beside each other with a mini-bar in between.

Onboard several of our boats there are two cabins with a double bed. Please contact us if you are interested in having one of these cabins. They are booked on a first come, first serve basis and depending on the boat, can incur an extra charge.

Can I book a cabin all to myself?

You are welcome to book a cabin to yourself, but be aware that by doing this you are eliminating one space for another diver on the boat. Because of this, we will have to charge you for the extra boat fees for the lost fees from a second diver. Please contact us for more information.

May I bring alcohol with me? Is there any available on the boat?

On all liveaboards both beer and wine are available for purchase. If you would like to bring a bottle of spirits or wine, please feel free.

Please Note: NO alcohol is to be taken into Sudan!

What sort of medicine should I have with me? Is there anything onboard the boat?

Although the boat has a general first aid kit, as well as tablets for sea/ motion sickness, there will not be enough for everyone, everyday. We highly recommend that you pack a little medicine kit prior to departure.

Here are some suggestions of products that might be needed:
• headache tablets
• medicine for indigestion and upset stomach
• sea/ motion sickness tablets
• medicine for colds, congestion, ears
• re-hydration powder

Most important are the medicines that you may be taking at the time of travel. Be sure to get them re-filled in plenty of time prior to departure, as you will be unable to do this upon arrival.

Do I need to have money with me on the boat?

Although the majority of things are included on the trip, you might choose to sign up for a dive course, buy a t-shirt or a beer or two and then there is the tip that is traditional to leave on the last day. We recommend that you have US dollars or Euros with you. All of our boats on the website accept credit cards at a charge of approximately 2.5%.

How much should we give as tips for the crew? Do I have to give a tip?

Leaving a tip is voluntary and no one should feel pressured into having to pay at all. It is a tradition that has been around for many years and is highly appreciated by all crew members. If you feel that you have received good service during your stay, then we recommend that you show your appreciation for their hard work.

Although you may choose yourself, the average tip is about 70 USD or 60 euros. This gets put into an envelope and is shared by the entire crew. You are also welcome to give a little extra to any crew member that you feel went the extra mile in order to make your trip even more successful.

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