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Can I rent other cylinders then the 12L that is included?

15L, twin and rebreather cylinders are available for rental on the majority of the boats we work with. It is important that they are pre-booked. They are normally nitrox compatible.

Is nitrox available on the boats?

Nitrox is available on almost all of the liveaboards and is even included for free on several boats (see the liveaboard specifications for more details). Normally a 32% mix of nitrox is offered. Individual mixes are not always guaranteed.

Can I rent equipment onboard the boat?

Limited amounts of equipment are available on the boat for reasons due to lack of space. Lamps for night dives, as well as spare parts in case of equipment failure are available.

If you would like to rent equipment, it is essential that you speak with us at Scuba Travel at least two weeks prior to departure.

Items available for rental are: BCD, regulator, computer, mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit, boots, pony bottles, 15L and twin cylinders and lamps.

Please note: full equipment rental does NOT include rental of a dive computer.

All equipment needs to be pre-booked with Scuba Travel, but payment is made locally.

A few of the boats are also rebreather friendly. Sofnolime, oxygen and diluent cylinders and Haskel pumps are available onboard. It is very important that we inform the boat prior to arrival should you wish to dive rebreather.

Can I have my camera with me?

Cameras are welcome onboard and there are special rinse tanks. Not all liveaboards have space for camera tables for arranging your equipment, but the majority due accommodate this.

Can I take a nitrox or any other course onboard the boat?

Courses may be pre-booked, or arranged while on the boat. Several specialties are available such as night, wreck, drift, nitrox, photography and Fish ID to name a few. Please contact us for more information.

What dive equipment do I need with me?

Here is a list of equipment that all divers should have with them. Whether to bring lamps and cameras is up to each diver to decide.

• BCD (don’t forget weight pockets or crotch straps)
• Regulator with an octopus
• Dive computer
• Wetsuit (shorty – 3mm in the summer, 5-7mm in the winter)
• Boots, mask, fins, snorkel
• Log book and dive insurance
• SMB - Surface marker buoy

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