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Tickets (Electronic Tickets and Paper Tickets)

The travel industry has made a collective decision to stop using the older style paper ticket. The main reason is enviromently, however e-tickets are also a simpler and safer way of ticketing, you will be given a booking number to use during the ”online check” in process. Please make sure you do this in plenty of time, if you encounter any diffiults please contact us immediately.


Scuba Travel recommends that you arrive two hours prior to departure for all flights that are booked through us. This allows you to have time to find the park the car, go to the money exchange or just sit and have a coffee and sandwich to relax prior to the flight.

Every customer is responsible for double checking the flight times on the ticket issued and to show up on time. Scuba Travel takes no responsibility for missed flights due to changes in flight times.


Due to todays fuel prices and environmental issues, flight companies have decreased the allowed baggage allowance on both charter and regular flights.

In the passed, Scuba Travel has been able to guarantee extra weight for our customers, but this is no longer possible. For those who wish to have extra baggage in the form of a dive/ sportbag, you will need to contact us directly a minimum of two weeks prior to departure. We will then notify the flight company (ie. SAS, Novair, etc.).

Extra baggage allowance is paid for at the time of checking in, However the airline can choose to refuse to except it for one of the following reasons: too much extra weight, strong winds, bad weather. An extra allowance of upto 30 kilos can generally be purchased, this will need to be packed in a separate bag from your regular free baggage allowance. Please note that under internationl flight regulations, no sinlge peice of luggage can be above 32Kgs in weight

Charter flights: 20kg checked in and 5kg hand baggage

Commercial flights: 23kg and 8kg hand baggage

(Please note that these are guidelines and that you should contact Scuba Travel for the most up to date information.)

Please note: Scuba Travel cannot guarantee the weight of checked in baggage allowed on any flight. This is the sole decision of the flight company.

About the flight

Our flights to Egypt are charter flights and therefore there are restrictions that can fall on the traveler that are not usual on regular flights. If you should require extra leg space or have any other needs for the flight, please contact us well in advance to departure. Please note that all charter flights charge a fee for pre-seating, extra leg space and many other services. Contact us for more details.

Meals on flights are not always available to be pre-booked. Please be sure to have extra money with you on the flight in order to purchase food and drinks. This is particularly good for vegetarians or passengers with special dietary needs that in-flight food may not be able to cater to are allowed to take food on the flight.

Contact us for more details: info@scubatravel.se

Departure airports

Our Short haul charter flights depart every week from Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki.

Regular commercial flights depart daily and allow more flexibility in the length of your stay.

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