Dive Equipment - FAQ

Dive equipment – what do I need to have with me?

If you are planning shore based diving, then all equipment can be rented on site at any time during your vacation.  We recommend that you pre-book the equipment to make sure that your sizes are available. 

The minimum equipment required for all destinations is as follows:

  • Wet suit
  • BCD (weight pockets, crotch strap)
  • Regulator with octopus
  • Dive computer
  • Boots, fins, mask, snorkel
  • Log book
  • SMB

Malta & Croatia – During the spring it can be more comfortable to dive in a dry suit or a 7mm semidry. We also recommend taking gloves and a hood for extra warmth and protection.

Egypt, Djibouti & Sudan – The temperatures are normally very high in the water and often a 3-5mm full suit or shorty is all that is needed. For those of us that freeze easy, a 7mm, and a hood is recommended during the winter months (Dec-Feb). No gloves are allowed.

Philippines, the Maldives, Indonesia, Tobago & Curacao – Some form of foot protection when going out to make house reef dives is necessary and it is therefore practical with boots and open heel fins. The waters are much the same here as in Egypt, so the same recommendations are to be used.

Canada - Drysuit diving is the norm. During the summer months in Canada divers wear 7mm wetsuits.

Can I rent equipment at the destination or on a liveaboard?

If you are going to be on a liveaboard, then rental must be pre-booked. There is often back-up equipment onboard in case of breakage or loss, but due to space restrictions, not all sizes, nor equipment can be brought along. Should you wish to rent equipment, please note that your request (including sizes), must be given to Scuba Travel a minimum of two weeks prior to departure. All requests received after this point in time cannot be confirmed.

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