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Humpbacks in Silver Banks - Feb 2019

 Knölval Dominikanska Republiken

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HUMPBACKS. The feeling of snorkeling beside an enormous whale is almost indescribable. When you get eye contact with one, your heart will beat faster than you imagined and euphoria will spread through your body. There are few places in the world where you can experience this unique encounter with one of the ocean’s most incredible giants.

  • Humpbacks - Humpbacks - Humpbacks
  • Snorkeling in clear blue water
  • Comfortable living on the Turks & Caicos Aggressor II
  • Birthing Humpbacks (marine reserve)
  • Excellent service and food on the boat
  • UW-photo workshop with Ingvar Eliasson

Approximately 700 km from the shores of the Dominican Republic’s northern coast lies the Silver Bank. The reef was first protected in 1986 and the size of the reserve was increased in 1996. Scientists believe that humpbacks come here to birth their young as the water is warm and shallow, and as there are no fish, predators are not drawn to the area. It is the perfect nursery before the mother and calf begin their journey north.

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