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Sardine Run - June/July 2018

Sardine Run

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SARDINE RUN. Join Scuba Travel's Jamie Parker on an adventure to experience the Sardine Run; one of the most fantastic wildlife events on the planet, this migration is followed by more predators than any other event in the natural world.

Cape Gannets are the eyes searching from above, then diving once they find their mark. The Dolphins are the true artists, moulding the Sardines into ever tighter balls until finally the feast can begin. Dusky and Blackktip sharks hit the ball at high speed collecting as many mouthfuls as they can with every pass. They know that eventually a Goliath of the deep will rise and claim his prize!


  • Multiple Shark Species
  • Super pods of Dolphins
  • Humpback Whales
  • Expedition Diving
  • Amazing Photography


The phenomenon of the Sardine Run consists of millions of sardines migrating northwards along the east coast of Africa following a cool inshore current. These shoals can reach 30 kilometres long and over 7 wide and nearly 40m deep! Super-pods of common and bottlenose dolphins which a times can reach over 10000 in number follow a shoal to feed. They work together to “corner” the sardines and bring them to the surface, forming giant bait-balls.

Gannets rain down while copper sharks, seals and even whales join the frenzy, swallowing as many sardines as they can. With such a vast school of fish migrating, this phenomenon builds over a period of many weeks and predators congregate expecting to eat their fill.


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Sardine Run

Sardine Run


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