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White Sharks in Guadalupe - Aug 2018

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Join us on a trip to the Pacific coast of Mexico and experience the beautiful great white shark up close. You will spend 6 days onboard a liveaboard that will take you to different sites around the legendary great white shark island Guadalupe. You will also have the opportunity of extending your trip with some extra days outside of San Diego in California, where you can snorkel with leopard sharks, blue sharks and mako sharks, as well as dive in unique kelp forests.

  • Sharks with a capital S
  • Meet great whites in the clear waters of Guadalupe
  • Live comfortably onboard the Nautilus Explorer
  • Enjoy the wonderful Mexican food
  • Extend your trip - leopard sharks, blue sharks, mako sharks, kelp forests
  • UW photo workshop with Tomas Jansson

This trip is fully focused on great white sharks, and the trip will be conducted as a 5 night liveaboard voyage on the very comfortable ship Nautilus Explorer. It begins in Ensenada on the west coast of Mexico, and from there takes to to the island Guadalupe, considered by many to be the best place in the world to experience great white sharks in clear blue waters.

While diving in the cages, the air is supplied from the surface via so called “hookah”. This way you will not need a BCD or tank while in the cage. In fact, you will not need to be a certified diver at all to participate in these cage dives. However, certified divers are offered cages that are lowered a bit deeper than those with hookah air supply; ca 6 m. It may not sound very deep, but it gives you a whole other perspective of the sharks. The cages are constructed so that there is not a whole lot of grid between you and the sharks, which gives a different experience compared to more traditional shark cages. The unique perspective and minimised grids will make it a lot easier for you to get good pictures. If you get permission from the guides, you may even leave the cage and avoid the grid all together. Movie makers and photographers usually love these cages, for those reasons.


Click here for all details about the trip (PDF)



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