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Cat Island - April 2018

Bahamas tiger shark - Tomas Jansson

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Shark diving can be one of the most thrilling experiences people have underwater and the Bahamas offers some of the greatest up close encounters with some of the larger shark species. Cat Island is the last stronghold for Oceanic Whitetip Shark encounters on the planet. Join Scuba Travel ambassador Tomas Jansson on a true adventure; diving and snorkelling with the beautiful Oceanic Whitetip Shark! 


  • Sharks - Sharks - Sharks
  • Clear blue water
  • Diving and snorkeling
  • Mobula rays and blue marlins
  • Live comfortably on the beach front
  • Workshops with Tomas Jansson


Cat Island, Bahamas, is the last stronghold for Oceanic Whitetip Shark encounters on the planet. The operator Bimini Scuba Center led by experienced Neal Watson, has been extremely successful locating and interacting with this hard to find species. The sharks can be found off the coast of Cat Island from March through June. Although there are sharks here year-round, the dive calendar is scheduled around the time with the greatest numbers of animals in order to ensure that guests have the experience they come looking for!


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