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Top Reef & Wall Diving Destinations

Which reef you dive on only depends on your budget and length of vacation time. Reefs are often highest priority for photographers and divers traveling with a family or non-diver, but can be enjoyed by all. Below is a list of what Scuba Travel believes to be the “top 5” reef areas in the world. Contact us for more suggestions!

st johns

St Johns Reef

A year-round destination in the Egyptian Red Sea, this fantastic reef offers divers a wide variety of marine life combined with vibrant hard and soft corals. Highlights include enormous schools of fish, reef, thresher and hammerhead sharks and beautiful macro photography opportunities. Recommended for divers with a minimum of 35 dives, this area is still only reached by liveaboard. Find Out More...


Tubbataha Reef

This atoll coral reef can only be described as a unique marine experience with an abundance of life. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this national park area of the Philippines is considered to be the global center of marine biodiversity. Researchers have found no less than 600 species of fish, 360 species of corals, 11 species of sharks and 13 species of dolphins and whales. Hawksbill and Green sea turtle also nest here. This area is dived from a liveaboard. Find Out More...

conshelf II

Sha’ab Rumi

Made famous through Cousteau’s Conshelf II project in 1963, this reef has the remains of the living quarters and workstations, now covered with hard and soft corals. A very shallow reef with dramatic drop offs, the walls are fantastic for photographers. This part of the Red Sea is one of the best places to see large schools of hammerheads. Other species of sharks such as grey reef, silvertips and silkys frequent this area as well. Dive the best of the southern Egyptian and northern Sudanese dive sites from the liveaboard Royal Evolution. Find Out More...

raja ampat

Raja Ampat

75% of all known coral species, 42 species of endemic reef fish and over 1430 species of reef fish are just some of the numbers unique to this bio diverse are of Indonesia. The dive sites are equally diverse. Some offer soft corals and sea fans, while others include sea grass beds, drop offs, caves, mangroves or hard corals. From pygmy seahorses to whale sharks, mantas to sea crocodiles, Raja Ampat will excite and impress even the most travelled diver. Find Out More...



Menjangan Island, located in the West Bali National Park, is an area of great beauty, offering divers and snorkelers excellent visibility and a profusion of reef fishes, turtles and both soft and hard corals. Pemuteran Bay, where the dive centres and hotels are located, is the home of the largest artificial Biorock reef project in the world. Along with a turtle breeding and release project in the same bay, this area is very dedicated to marine conservation. Find Out More...


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