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Dive Sights - What Do You Want to See?


Top Wreck Diving Destinations

Whether you are an avid wreck diver that doesn't want to see any fish during your dive, or just a beginner learning the tricks of penetrating the lost ship, there are plenty different sites for you to choose from.  The world wars contributed to some of the best wrecks that both recreational and technical divers can enjoy today.  Learning the history of the vessel and its often tragic ending, and seeing how it has changed under the waters surface is often what keeps divers coming back. Find Out More...


Top Reef & Wall Diving Destinations

Which reef you dive on only depends on your budget and length of vacation time. Reefs are often highest priority for photographers and divers traveling with a family or non-diver, but can be enjoyed by all. Below is a list of what Scuba Travel believes to be the “top 5” reef areas in the world. Find Out More...


Top Wildlife Encounters

Many divers have a “must see” wish list and various species of sharks, mantas and whale sharks are often topping the list. Here is a “top 5” list for destinations that can offer the diver and often the non-diver, a fantastic variety of marine creatures. Find Out More...


Special Diving Destinations

Looking for something unique? Perhaps for a honeymoon, a 50th birthday present, or just a once in a lifetime adventure? From the tropical paradise of Wakatobi, to the world famous Galapagos Islands, these holidays are exactly that “something special.” Find Out More...

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