Deep South Egyptian dive camps


Marsa Shagra Dive Camp

Marsa Shagra dive camp offers divers what they need for a perfect dive holiday: a clean bed to sleep in, good food to eat, plenty of other divers to talk to, and fantastic diving right on the housereef.


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Marsa Nakari Dive Camp

Close to the popular Samadai Reef (Dolphin House), Marsa Nakari is a charming village featuring a sheltered bay just 40 km south of Marsa Alam city.  


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Wadi Lahami Dive Camp

Wadi Lahami Village is located in the deep south of the Red Sea and offers a no-frills, back to nature type of holiday.  Close at hand are the pristine reefs of the famous Fury Shoals, where the hard corals of this enormous reef complex are believed to be one of the best examples worldwide.


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