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These routes have a departure point in either Safaga, Marsa Alam or Hamata. The southern Red Sea is seen as everything south of Brother Islands and down to the border of Sudan. All safaris listed on this website are examples of what may be included. Safari routes may be changed due to weather or in order to find the best marine life at that particular time.

Please note: These safaris are for experienced divers as they are a great distance from shore and the diving tends to be a bit more difficult. All diving on these safaris is weather permitting. The captain and dive guides have the right to cancel a dive, or change the safari route should weather conditions not permit. Cell phones do not tend to work very well in these areas due to the distance from shore.

Click on the routes listed on the left side in order to learn more about them. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

Southern Safaris


Brothers & Elphinstone

The safari "Just Brothers" includes only Brothers Islands. The Brothers and Elphinstone safari includes diving at both Big and Little Brother, as well as Elphinstone and other smaller reefs. At 400 m in length, Big Brother combines magnificent wall diving along with some superb wreck diving. The walls are covered in stunning soft corals, anemones and hard corals.

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Daedalus Rocky Zabargad

This safari departs from Marsa Alam and includes Daedalus Reef, Rocky Island and Zabargad. This small, isolated reef, also known as Abu el-Kizan lies nearly halfway to Saudi Arabia. Its walls are equally as good as the Brothers Islands, carpeted in softcorals, hard corals and enormous sea fans.

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Fury Shoals

Fury & Friends or Fury & St Johns reef

This cruise starts with a very short sail to one of the Wadi Lahmi sites near to the Port of Hamata and perfect for that first check dive. You then spend a week diving, diving, diving! . Manta Rays are here most of the year and Grey Reef sharks patrol the wall dive sites. Caves and caverns make an alternative afternoon dive.  Choose between just Fury Shoals and surrounding reefs, or to combine it with St Johns.

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simply magnificent

Simply Magnificent

The route Simply Magnificent departs from Marsa Ghalib Port and covers Daedalus - Rocky - Zarbagad - St. Johns reef. Daedalus Reef, part of the Marine Park, is a large, oval reef with a lighthouse and is the furthest offshore reef in the Egyptian Red Sea. Its deep walls and drop-offs offer some of the most spectacular diving in the Red Sea.

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simply the best

Simply The Best

Brothers Islands and Daedalus make up the northern marine park. These two reef systems are in the middle of the Red Sea and their lighthouses have warned passing ships throughout the years of the dangers that hide beneath the waves.

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St Johns

St John's is a vast collection of small reefs offering some of the most remote and rewarding diving in the Red Sea. This incredibly beautiful reef lies a short distance north of the Sudanese border.

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