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Shark Diving - Guadalupe Island

Departing from Ensenada, Mexico, the boats head off towards Guadalupe Island and strive to provide a safe and secure environment for the guests to meet the apex predator of the sea – the great white shark.


While at Guadalupe Island, the diving is done in cages, so the routine is different from a regular dive trip. For these trips the crew bring state-of-the-art shark cages; two float at the surface at the back of the boats and one is a submersible that sits at about 9 meters.

These trips are limited to only 16 divers so you'll have plenty of time with the sharks and more room in the cage. Two of the cages at the back of the boat gives divers a great view! Air is supplied from the surface (Hookah), so regular scuba gear is not used and therefore can be enjoyed by divers and non-divers alike. Diving is done all day, rotating divers every hour. Divers can get in and out of the cages themselves even in rough weather.


The submersible cage allows us to descend a little further into the realm of the great white shark. Although the submersible cage lowers to only 39 m below the surface of the water, it provides a completely different perspective to your great white shark diving experience. These spectacular dives are available to certified scuba divers only. A safety diver escorts one diver at a time on these 20 minute rides.


The cage diving at Guadalupe is bar none the greatest on the planet, with often more then 30 meters of visibility. The water temperature ranges from 19 to 21 C degrees making this the ultimate White Shark destination, especially for the discriminating underwater photographer.

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