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Galapagos Islands - Liveaboards - Ecuador

  • Hammerheads, mantas and eagle rays from December to May
  • Whale sharks from June to November
  • Dive with pelagics and hike to see the giant tortoises 

Situated some 600 miles of the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands enjoyed total isolation from the rest of the world for countless millennia. 19 islands, and dozens of other islets and volcanic rocks have a total land area of almost 5000km2, this amazing destination is a divers dream come true!  Mantas, huge schools of sharks, whale sharks, turtles, rays.. need we say more?

Galapagos Liveaboards

galapagos Master

Galapagos Master

No trip to the Galapagos is complete without diving at Wolf and Darwin Islands.  Cruise in style on the Galapagos Matser and let your only worry be if you have enough memory space left on your camera!  Find Out More...

galapagos sky

Galapagos Sky

When you step off the plane in Galapagos, you are entering a magical world. The wonders of Galapagos will unfold before your eyes during this liveaboard adventure. The on-board, multi-lingual guides will share their in-depth knowledge of these volcanic islands. Find Out More...

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