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Cocos Island - Liveaboards - Costa Rica

  • Known as Hammerhead heaven
  • Whales, turtles, sharks, mantas, dolphins, large schools of fish
  • Few other divers to interupt your view

Located in the Pacific Ocean, 342 miles off Costa Rica's Pacific coast, lies the famous Cocos Island Marine Park. A rugged and incredibly beautiful island, this World Heritage Site is the crown jewel of Costa Rica's many national parks. Cocos Island is a natural meeting point for some of the oceans greatest creatures including Hammerhead sharks, migrating whales, mantas and turles.  Read more about Cocos here.




Click here to see a 360 degree tour of Chatam Bay and the boats in Cocos.


Cocos Island Liveaboards

undersea hunter

Undersea Hunter

Undersea Hunter has previously worked as a submarine support vessel, research vessel and a support boat for James Bond films! Completely renovated by the Undersea Hunter fleet to meet the needs of today's discerning diver, now she cruises out to the remote Cocos Island. Find Out More...


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