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Aikoku Maru

The Aikoku Maru is a large combined freighter/passenger liner, resting on an even keel. The holds are empty and the Midship superstructure has collapsed. Penetration of this wreck is strongly discouraged. The first hold aft held troop quarters but has been cleared of the remains. A large anti-aircraft gun is located on top of the aft deckhouse.

Depth: Superstructure 40 m Deck 49 m Bottom 64 m
Size: Length 150 m Gross Tonnage: 10,437 tons

Amagisan Maru

A combined passenger/cargo ship, the Amagisan Maru suffered torpedo and bomb damage. It lies on sloping bottom with the stern deeper than the bow. Hold #2 contains a car and other cargo and there is a photogenic bow gun. The superstructure and particularly the pilot house area is interesting to explore.

Depth: Superstructure 31 m Deck 37 m Bottom 61 m
Size: Length 136 m Gross Tonnage: 7,620 tons


Years ago when you saw a poster for Truk Lagoon, this small freighter was the featured wreck. The bow gun was the most recognizable part of the wreck and snorkelers could easily glide under the gun while posing for great photos. The ship was hit by two large bombs and most of it is demolished.

Depth: Superstructure 1m Deck 9 m Bottom 21 m
Size: Length 60 m Gross Tonnage: 998 tons

Fujikawa Maru

The most popular wreck in Truk Lagoon, the Fujikawa Maru is a must dive. Whether your interest is in artifacts or marine life this wreck has it. An abundant growth of soft & hard corals, anemones, and crinoids make the ship and particularly the bow and stern guns very photogenic. All the holds contain cargo but a unique attraction lays in hold #2. There you will find five relatively untouched and intact Zero fighters. The engine room is very interesting but requires special diving skills to visit.

Depth: Superstructure 9 m Deck 18 m Bottom 34 m
Size: Length 132 m Gross Tonnage: 6,938 tons

Fujisan Maru

The Fujisan Maru is rarely visited because of the depth. Depth to the shallowest part is the mid-ship railing at 115 feet. There isn't much marine growth except some coral and sponge which appears on the railings, pipe bridge and lifeboat davits.

Depth: Superstructure 37 m Deck 46 m Bottom 52-61 m
Size: Length 149 m Gross Tonnage: 9,524 tons

Gosei Maru

The Gosei Maru is also known as the "Stern-High Wreck". The depth ranges from 8 feet at the stern to 100 feet at the bow. The propeller and rudder area on this ship can occupy a photographer for an entire dive! Artifacts discovered on this wreck include sake and beer bottles along with beautiful china pieces. Torpedo bodies and separate warheads can be found in some of the holds.

Depth: Superstructure 2.5 m Bottom 31 m
Size: Length 82 m Gross Tonnage: 1,931 tons

Hanakawa Maru

The Hanakawa Maru was loaded with a cargo of aviation gas and was set on fire by a torpedo. Traces of fire damage can be seen on the bridge. This ship is located a few hundred yards from shore near the south east end of Tol Island. Marine growth, hard and soft corals and fan corals are thick here. A telegraph can be found near the center top of the bridge superstructure. There are a fair amount of artifacts still on the ship.

Depth: Superstructure 15 m Deck 23 m Bottom 34 m
Size: Length 112 m Gross Tonnage: 4,739 tons

This former passenger/cargo luxury liner was converted to use as a submarine tender. Laying on its port side, its name, in both Kanji & English characters, is a great photo opportunity. Entering the forward hold through the specially modified hatch cover over one dozen 24 in./60 cm. diameter Long Lance torpedoes can be found. Periscopes lay in two companionways on levels below & aft of the bridge.Many artifacts can be found throughout this wreck.

Depth: Hull 40 12 m Bottom 36 m
Size: Length 155 m Gross Tonnage: 11,614 tons

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