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Frequently Asked Questions - Palau

Weather, best time of the year and other important issues...

Very often divers and visitors to Palau ask about the weather patterns and the best time to visit Palau. The great thing about Palau is the location, here is no Monsoon season and no Typhone season. You can dive all year around! Most of the time the weather is beautiful and the sky is blue with occasional showers, which help to keep the rock islands vegetation green. Visibility is generally excellent.

Marine Life

There are certain events and phenomenon thet happen in Palau during certain times of the year:

December/January/February - are the Manta season when we see more Mantas than usual

February/March/April/May - Huge numbers of shark come all over to mate. These activities depend on water temperature an other unknown factors so the pick of this event varies every year within this time frame.

August/September - Bid schools of juvenile sharks after birth are often seen. There can be as many as 100 in a school. Mostly seen in Ngerchong outside, Turtle wall, German Chanell and Short Drop Off.

June/July - Best visibility inside the lagoon. Conditions are ideal for wreck diving in Palau.

Sea Conditions

When the wind picks up (very often not related to rain or clouds) the ocean builds up in a short time and waves and choppy seas do not allow us to visit some sites. If it is an easterly wind then the dive sites on the west are protected and can be dived. When the strong wind shift to the west and the westerly dive sites can not be visited we dive the eastern reefs of Palau.

In the center of the Palau´s archipelago is a big lagoon that is well protected by the rock island and allows us to do all activities even in the worst weather conditions. The good news is that Palau is very rarely hit by bad weather and normally it last only a few days before weather improves!

What to see?

Marine life: Palau is constantly voted by dive magazines and divers as one of the top dive destination for big fish encounters and healthy marine life. Years of strict protection have created a heaven for many species of sharks, big school of Jacks and Barracuda, abundance of tropical fish, turtles, Eagle rays ang Manta rays.

Blue corner, New Drop Off, German Channel, Peleliu cut and Big Drop Off are some of the famous dive sites that put Palau´s name on the map of exoitc diving destinations. Palau´s Manta Rays, endemic Chambered Nautilus, Saltwater Crocodiles and Mandarin fish are just a few of the unique critters you can see and photograph with Fish 'n Fins' special diving programs.

Corals: Considered by sientists as the coral capitol of our planet, Palau´s reefs are home to the largest variety of soft and hard coral. Following a partial bleaching in1998, the reefs are now as healthy and alive as ever!

WWII Wrecks: Palau was a main Japanese military base before and during WWII. On March 30-31, 1944, the Americans air raided Palau during operation "DESECRATE 1". Today more than 30 sunken ships and airplane can be visited and explored. Sometimes unknown to the community of avid wreck divers, Palau offers one of the best wreck diving in the world. Among the best wrecks in Palau are: Iro, Helmet wreck, Chuyo Maru, Amatsu Maru, Jake seaplane, Zero fighter and Buoy # 6 wreck.

Underwater caves and caverns: The beautiful Rock Islands and reefs of Palau are made of limestone. Thousand of years of erosion have created magnificent blue holes, caves and caverns underwater. Quadruple blue holes, Siaes Tunnel, Temple of doom, Turtle cove, Virgin Blue and Chandelier Cave.

Marine Lakes: Lockated between the Rock Islands, the marine lakes of Palau (which are salt water!) are home to some of the world´s unique and strangest animals. Jelly Fish Lake is undoubtely the most famous of them all. The lake is crowded with more than 10 Milion non.stinging Jelly Fish. It´s a must!

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