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Dive Sites - Malta & Gozo

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The diving around Malta is among the best in Europe, with visibility commonly reaching 25 - 30 m and water temperatures climbing up to 25º c. Thanks to WWII and the strategic position of the islands in the centre of the Mediterranean, there are plenty of wrecks to discover – bombers, fighter planes, submarines and destroyers to name a few. As if the wartime wrecks were not enough, new wrecks are continuously added. The Rozi and the Um el Faroud are only two examples of successfully scuttled wrecks creating attractive artificial reefs.

Underwater caverns and formations form spectacular landscapes, and on top of this, a healthy marine life with nudibranchs, barracudas, jacks, breams and sometimes even John Dory’s and seahorses!

Malta & Gozo


Fortizza - Malta

Level - Beginner to advanced - Max depth - 5-18 meters

This site has plenty to offer. Situated off the main promenade in Sliema you can find very exciting tunnels and caverns as well as excellent marine life. The closeness to DiveWise means that this site is excellent for afternoon dives.


Ghar Lapsi - Malta

Level - Beginner to advanced - Max depth - 20 meters

A site dived and praised by the late Jaques Cousteau. Here you can find a nice cavern in which you can surface as well as a nice reef with a possibility to find unusual marine life such as torpedo rays and occasional schools of barracuda.


Wied iz-Zurrieq - Malta

Level - Beginner to advanced - Max depth - 36 meters

A mixture of steep walls and a beautiful shallow valley makes this a site where you can do several dives. Special points of interest include the Bell Cave and a very good chance to see John Dories. Here you have a great view of Filfla island and dolphins have been spotted offshore. This is also home to the famous Um el Faroud wreck.


Cirkewwa - Malta

Level - Beginner to advanced - Max depth - 40 meters

Cirkewwa is one of the most popular dive sites in Malta. Here you can do several dives - The Arch, The Madonna, Paradise Bay and the wreck of the Rozi. The clear water and the abundance of marine life makes this site a favourite among many visitors.

Devils Reef - Malta

Level - Beginner to advanced - Max depth - 70+ meters

This wall - rarely dived - drops gradually down to over 70 metres. Several caves are to be found and large groupers as well as massive octopus are frequently spotted.

L’Ahrax Point - Malta

Level - Beginner to advanced - Max depth - 20 meters

This is an ideal site for a second dive. Clear water and healthy growth of invertebrates are only some of the outstanding features of this site. A safe, shallow cavern with access to the surface makes this dive highly appreciated by most guests. In the autumn it is one of the best sights for Lampuki spotting!


Blue Hole - Gozo

Level - Advanced - Max depth - 60 meters

The Blue Hole is located by the Azure Window. Enter in a natural pool and exit some 8 meters below into the open water. The dramatc cliffs drop to depths of over 50 meters and the visibility is usually excellent.


The Inland Sea - Gozo

Level - Advanced - Max depth - 60 meters

Enter the site in what looks like a greenish lake, swim though an 80 meter long tunnel through the rock and exit in crystal clear water with the deepest blue colour on the planet. As spectacular as it gets.

Reqqa Point - Gozo

Level - Advanced - Max depth - 60+ meters

Steep drop offs and excellent visibility are together with the Billinghurst Cave the highlights of this site. The cave is one of the largest in Malta and reaches 130 meters into the rock. A site accessible only in excellent conditions.

Qawra Reef- Malta

Level - Beginner to advanced - Max depth - 40 meters

This is a site which usually has excellent visibility and it is also home to several beautiful caverns and tunnels, some of them very deep. This offshore reef requires good bouyancy as the drop off is very steep!

Santa Marija Caves - Comino

Level - Beginner to advanced - Max depth - 15 meters

The Santa Marija Caves or Comino caves as they are also called are among the most famous sites of the islands. Accessible only by boat this shallow cave system has access to the surface during most of the dive. Saddled breams congregate in vast numbers at the entrace of the caves.

Lantern Point - Comino

Level - Medium to advanced - Max depth - 50 meters

Massive boulders and clear water is typical for this site. Larger species such as barracuda and groupers can occasionally be seen. Caution must be taken as there may be strong currents here and depth reaches 50 meters.


HMS Maori - Malta

Level - Beginner to Advanced Depth - 10-16 meters

This British destroyer was sunk during an air raid in 1942. Although relatively broken down she is still an interesting dive and has some great details such as shells sticking out of the sand.

Schnellboot S31

Level - Technical Depth - Max 65 meters

A very intact wreck dived by very few divers. This wreck has its anti-aircraft guns still standing and torpedos in the tubes The wreck is deep but for those with mixed gas experience it is a great option.

MV Odile - Malta

Level - Medium to Advanced Depth - Max 20 meters

This is another wreck whose identity is not known. With a length of 120 meters it is a massive but broken up wreck offering an exciting dive. The wreck is believed to date back to 1942 and rumour says that she was actually sunk on top of an older roman wreck!


St Michael and 10 - Malta

Level - Beginner Depth - Max 18 meters

These two tugboatswere scuttled as artificial reefs in 1998 off Zonqor Point. Two nice wecks suitable for the beginner.


Rozi - Malta

Level - Medium to Advanced Depth - Max 37 meters

This tug was scuttled by Captain Morgan Cruises in 1992 as an attratcion for their submarine tours (which thankfully not operate anymore). Located on bright, sandy bottom this is a fascinating dive with schools of fish circling the top of the wreck.


Um el Faroud - Malta

Level - Advanced Depth - Max 35 meters

Scuttled in 1998 after a gas explosion during the cleaning process this 120 meter long oil tanker is one of the best dives in Malta. Winter storms have split her in two sections and there are plenty of opportunities for penetrations. Rated as one of the top 10 dives in the Med by Diver magazine.

Hellespont - Malta

Level - Advanced Depth - Max 41 meters

A paddle steamer sunk 1942 by German/ Italian aircraft. She is standing upright just off the Grand Harbour and has plenty interesting details. Due to the depth this is a dive for experienced divers only. Access by boat.

Blenheim Bomber - Malta

Level - Advanced Depth - Max 42 meters

This WW2 Blenheim Bomber is one of the most famous dives in Malta. Located on a flat bottom at 42 meters it is an exciting dive for the experienced diver.

Beaufort Fighter - Malta

Level - Advanced Depth - Max 37 meters

Slightly smaller, shallower and in a brighter condition than the Bomber, the Beaufort Fighter is a highly regarded dive among our guests. Only 15 minutes by boat from the dive centre off St Julians this is a treat for the experienced!

Le Polynesien - Malta

Level - Technical Depth - Max 65 meters

Sunk in 1918, this majestic wreck is one of the finest in the world. Still in good condition with guns still standing and plenty of artifacts to be seen we can not recommend this dive enough. Due to the depth trimix is the preferred choice of gas.

HMS Stubborn - Malta

Level - Technical Depth - Max 60 meters

The British Navy scuttled the submarine in 1946 after suffering extensive damage due to a 161 meter dive (70 meters deeper than the designed max depth for this submarine). She rests on sandy bottom and is still completely intact!

Imperial Eagle - Malta

Level - Advanced Depth - Max 40 meters

Scuttled as an artificial wreck in the marine park off Qawra Point. The Imperial Eagle was used as ferry between Malta and Gozo for many years and is in excellent condition. She lies in beautiful surroundings close the famous statue of Jesus.

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