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Dive Sites - Croatia

The clear, blue waters between the Crikvenica Riviera and the island of Krk are home to some of the finest dive sites in the Adriatic Sea. Diving conditions in this region of the northern Adriatic are excellent, with a wide variety of interesting locations, good visibility, little or no currents and relatively warm sea temperatures. Visibility ranges from 5 to 30+ metres, depending on weather conditions and dive location. In summer, surface sea temperatures can reach up to 27°C and in winter, temperatures average around 11°C.

Our most attractive diving locations are wrecks, cliff faces, caves, caverns, reefs and tunnels.


Punta Šilo

Location: Cape Šilo / Max depth: 35m
This colourful reef also directly opposite our dive centre is suitable for beginners and advanced divers. There is usually a slight current present, in which the beautifully coloured sea slugs dance, (especially prominent in the summer months). Visibility is good and there is large variety of sea life including sponges, octopus, anemone and starfish.


Reef Tenki

Location: Just off of Cape Tenki / Max depth: 40m
Excellent visibility, beautiful underwater landscapes, and a large diversity of unspoilt flora and fauna, even at shallow depths. At 3 – 5 m there is a swim-through tunnel about 5 metres long, covered with colourful sponges and corals; look out for the well camouflaged, juvenile scorpion fish clinging to the sides. Advanced divers can dive to a wall covered with pristine samples of large, unusual, violet gorgonians at a depths ranging between 35 and 40 metres.


Reef Kamenjak

Location: Just off of Cape Glavina / Max depth: 40m
The top of the reef breaks the waters surface in silent, scenic surroundings. The underwater landscape is as rugged as the surface. Beginners can dive on the reef around the islet keeping to the shallower depths in crystal clear water; while more advanced divers can do a deeper dive to some fascinating large yellow and red gorgonian corals. Lobsters are also sometimes seen on the way to and from the deeper reef.



Location: The Cape Glavina / Max depth: 40m
When visiting this location it becomes clear why this cape is named “Big Head.” An awesome, steep cliff face plummets vertically into the sea and continues straight down below the surface. The site is rich in a variety of animal life and you may be lucky enough to spot an elusive lobster. There is little or no current present and visibility is excellent.


Island Zecevo

Location: An island in the channel between the mainland and KRK, Max depth: 40m

Only special full day trips to this island are organised on demand. Explore the beauty of this remote island in crystal clear waters.


Prvik Tunnel

Location: Island of Prvic

Max depth: 38m

Part of a special day trip only. A long tunnel and wall with abundant marine life and gorgonian corals. A slight current may be present and visibility is excellent.



Location: Island of Prvic / Max depth: 40m

Part of a special day trip only. Advanced divers only. Red gorgonian corals and abundant marine life with excellent visibility and little or no current.


Cape Silo

Location: Island of Prvic / Max depth: 40m

Part of a special day trip only. Advanced divers only. An underwater rock, starting at a depth of about 12 m going down to 70 m. The site is rich with sea life and extra large gorgonian corals can already be seen at +/- 20 m. Maximum allowed diving depth is 40 m!


Lina Shipwreck

Location: Island of Cres / Max depth: 40m
Part of a special day trip only. This well preserved old cargo ship sank in 1914. She lies in an upright position with the highest point of her bow at 22 metres and the stern at a maximum depth of 55 metres. The wreck is only suitable for advanced divers as the average diving depth is 30 – 40 m. Visibility is usually very good and a slight current is present. One of the top wrecks in the region.



Location: Island of Cres / Max depth: 40m

Part of a special day trip only. A fantastic reef with one of the most beautiful caverns in the region. Excellent visibility and an abundance of colourful corals make it an ideal setting for underwater photography.

Cape Jablanac

Location: Island of Cres / Max depth: 40m

Part of a special day trip only. Rugged scenery above and below the surface with steep walls and small interesting caverns. Visibility is very good with a slight current normally present.

Peltastis shipwreck

Location: Directly opposite dive centre, near Klimno bay. Max depth: 32m

The "Peltastis" sank in 1968 and is known locally as the "GRK"(the Greek). The shipwreck is in excellent condition and still in one piece. She lies in an upright position with the tip of the foremast only 7 metres underwater. The wreck is 60 metres in length, lying in a maximum depth of 32 metres. More experienced divers can pass through the command bridge and cargo holds. The foredeck starts at a depth of +/- 18m and when moving towards the aft deck, depth increases to +/- 25m. The prop lies in the sand at 32 metres. There are large schools of fish present, including an abundance of scorpion fish on the wreck.

Vrbnik Cave

Location: Near the entrance to Vrbnik harbour / Max depth: 20m

The diameter of the entrance to the cave is +/- 4 metres; 2 or 3 divers can comfortably enter at once. Divers must be careful not to stir up the sediment on the cave floor. The cave is +/- 25 metres long and in the centre you will see a stream of sunlight coming from a narrow siphon, extending up to the surface. There is not a lot of life in the cave, but the walls bordering the cave entrance are covered with interesting small cracks and holes, which make ideal hiding places for small fish.

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