Dive Sites - Tobago

Kariwak Reef  (easy dive)
Easy shore dive off of Crown Point.  Perfect for training and night dives.

Mr. Irvine Extension  (advanced dive)
Sheltered reef where divers can see schools of reef dwelling fishes, turtles and lobster.

Dutchman Reef  (easy dive)
A historical dive where an old canon still exists.

Maverick Wreck  (advanced dive)
A must dive for wreck divers.  Lying in 33 meters of water, this former car ferry is resting upright, making here an excellent dive site.  Having been sunk over ten years ago, she is covered in soft corals and has a rich marine life around her.

Mt. Irvine Wall  (easy dive)
A shallow dive along the fringing reef of Mt. Irvine Bay.  Seahorses can be seen here.

Arnos Vale  (easy dive)
This dive site has a beautiful underwater scenery, with lots of small species to discover.

Culloden Reef  (easy dive)
A pristine coral reef which is virtually untouched.

Sisters  (advanced dive)
A line of 5 wind eroded rock pillars two kilometers off shore.  Mantas and hammerheads are often seen here.  Deep crevices where turtles rest, beautiful coral gardens and plenty of ledges for small creatures to hide make this one of the best dives around the island.

London Bridge  (advanced dive)
A natural arch with channels to explore.

St Giles (advanced dive)
Large schools of oceanic fish gather here.

Black Jack Hole  (advanced dive)
Schools of jack fish, creole wrasse and trigger fish gleam in the crystal clear water.

TDE special  (easy dive)
Schools of reef fish not usually seen in schools (snappers).

Japanese Gardens  (easy dive)
One of the most beautiful reefs of Tobago, you pass about five different zones of reef fauna.

Cathedral  (easy dive)
A good chance of spotting manta rays.

Kelleston Drain  (advanced dive)
Admire the Caribbean´s largest brain coral (4.5 m x 6 m) during this drift dive.  This dive also offers several different zones of reef fauna. 

Book Ends  (advanced dive)
An exciting dive where tarpon, barracuda, reef sharks and stingray can be seen.

Shark Bank  (advanced dive)
Rock pinnacle covered with colourful coral and sponges.  Reef sharks patrol the area. 

Cove Reef  (easy dive)
Sargassum trigger fish and giant green moray eels inhabit this reef.

Flying Reef  (easy dive)
Great southern stingrays patrol the reef edge.

Cove Ledge  (advanced dive)
Nurse sharks and turtles gather under the sheltered ledge.

Diver´s Dream  (expert dive)
Eagle rays highlight this stunning open ocean drift dive.

Diver´s Thirst  (expert dive)
Coral twisted by prevailing currents line the coral staircase of this premier dive site.

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