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When it comes to diving, Playa's central location allows divers to get the most from their diving holiday! With the rich fish life of the local reefs, the unparalleled beauty of the Cenote cavern diving, and the world renowned wall diving of Cozumel, Playa is surrounded by some of the world's best and most varied diving. Let us help make your vacation unforgettable.


Originally placed on the world diving map by Jacques Cousteau himself, Cozumel continues to be an internationally renowned diving destination. Famous for its drift diving along a drastic drop-off, Cozumel's reefs are rich with color, intricate formations, and excellent visibility. A quick ferry ride is all you will need to enjoy the splendid coral in the colorful over-hangs, tunnels, and passages of Cozumel.

Cenote Diving

The Yucatan peninsula's natural history is unique in the world. Having spanned millions of years underwater as a coral reef, the Yucatan was later dried up as the ocean levels dropped. Throughout this dry time, the limestone was carved out and dissolved into an elaborate system of underground caves and tunnels, covered in majestic stalactite and stalagmite rock formations.


Once past the ice age, the Cenotes naturally filled with fresh water and developed into the "sacred wells" of the Maya civilization, providing the main source of drinking water and considered to have spiritual and healing properties.

Diving these magical underwater caverns is unique and breathtaking. With the thick green jungle surrounding you, let us guide you through the crystalline waters of the Cenotes. No special certification is required, only a good understanding of buoyancy control and a few special rules, and a big smile!

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