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Curacao is the biggest of the three so called ABC-islands with 144,000 inhabitants. Here you will find people from more than 50 different nations on the approx. 65 km long and approx. 15 km wide island. Curacao belongs to the Dutch Antilles which in turn belong s to Holland. Dutch is the official language, but many people speak english, spanish and papiamentu, Curacao´s own language. 

Fantastic shopping, entertaining nightlife, many interesting museums, more than 40 different beaches and world class diving are only a few of Curacao many exciting activities. Why not visit the Sea Aquarium and swim with the dolphins as another precious experience on Curacao.

Curacao cultural treasures have also been recognised internationally and today, the capital Willemstad, is noted on UNESCO:s list that states that it must be protected and kept as a part of the world´s heritage. Famous today is also Kura Hulanda, a fascinating and touching museum about the time when Curacao was a slave centre in the Carribean.

The name Curacao probably originate from the time when the spanish ruled the island. They called it "curazon", heart in spanish. The portugeese, who made many of the maps in those days, called the island Curacau or Curacao. And there is a lot of truth to it! There is a big risk that a little part of your own heart will remain here for ever.


Time: -5 GMT

Currency: US dollar, NAFL (Netherlands Antilles Florin)

Language: English, Dutch, Papimento

Visa: Not required for EU citizens

Recompression Chamber: Yes

Climate: Wet or Rainy Season, from October to February. Temperatures remain consistent year round.

Airport Departure Tax: 20 USD

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