scapa flow

Scapa Flow, Scotland - a wreck diving haven

  • 7 German wrecks, including battleships & cruisers
  • Various other wrecks, beautiful kelp forests and cliff formations
  • Tailored boat schedules after your groups wishes

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WWII wrecks, whiskey and wide open spaces

Apart from been one of the most picturesque areas of the Scotland,  Scapa Flow is also widely regarded as one of the best wreck diving destinations in the world. The main attraction to Scapa Flow is the WWI German High Seas Fleet, entombed in the still green waters since 1919 following their scuttling by Admiral Von Reuter.  Three 25,797 tonne battleships, three light cruisers, one fast mine layer and numerous other sites related to the sinking lie within the main body of the Flow - all offering fantastic diving. Covered in life, massive guns and breathtaking levels of preservation means these wrecks have something for everyone.

Scapa Flow has been used as a safe harbour since the days of the Vikings, as it is a natural harbour, providing ships shelter from the worst weather. This was the case during the World wars, as the British naval ships were brought here to be kept safe from German uboats and aerial attacks. 

German battleships, British blockships, fishing vessels, motorboats...


Scapa Flow wrecks

Covered in life, massive guns and breathtaking levels of preservation means that these wrecks have something for everyone.  Technical divers can be catered to with deeper wrecks, and sport divers have plenty of choice including great dives on the shallower blockship wrecks. 

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