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Basking Sharks in Cornwall, England

  • The second largest fish in the world right next to you
  • Perfect for a short summer getaway
  • Open to all, no dive experience required

Basking Sharks - Up close and personal

The best time to see these magnificent creatures is from mid May through to early July.  The sharks are always here at this time of year, it is just that the right conditions are needed to find them. Ideally it should be sunny with calm winds. The sun brings the plankton to the surface which attracts the sharks, and then the dorsal fin can be seen. 2012 was the longest season to date, ending on September 9th! The boat operation managed to get out 31 times.

The day starts at 08:00 when the boat leaves the dock.  Finding the sharks can take anywhere from 30mins to 3 hrs, but either way, they are worth the wait. Once you have them in sight, its time to kit up. You will enter the water in small groups making as little noise as possible.  If you stick to the rules and keep your distance from the sharks, they will stay very relaxed, and happily keep feeding, offering you a great experience as you swim slowly next to them. Great encounters have also been had in this area with seals, bait-balling sardines with 100's, if not 1000's, of common dolphins, diving gannets, Cornish penguins (don't ask), bottlenose dolphins, a fin whale, a leatherback turtle and loads and loads of sunfish.



Charles Hood

Charles Hood is widely regarded as one of the foremost experts when it comes to working with Basking Sharks, his years of experience have lead him to work with amongst others the BBC. With a great network of spotters and local contacts, Charles is without doubt the best person to guide you on this fantastic trip.

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