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The province of Newfoundland includes the island itself and the rugged Labrador on the mainland. Many of its seaside villages began as isolated fishing ports, accessible only by boat and have now grown into larger villages. From the often foggy shores, generations of fisherman have headed out to sea to the Grand Banks that surround Newfoundland, waters that are legendary for cod and dozens of other kinds of fish. This more then anything have has determinded the life and culture of the province.

Here are just a few of Newfoundland´s highlights:

  • 1000 year old Viking Settlements
  • The oldest city in North America, St John´s, (first founded in 1497) and has a street with over 80 pubs and bars on it
  • The final destination of Greenland´s icebergs
  • Cape Spear is the most easterly point in North America
  • Signal Hill is where the first transatlantic wireless cable was received
  • Newfoundland was the only part of Canada that was attacked by the German´s during WWII which left behind some excellent wrecks for divers

 Click here to read an article about diving in Newfoundland done by Sport Diver in England.

GMT - 3.5 hours (Newfoundland has its own time zone)

Currency: Canadian dollar

Language: English (main language), French

Visa: Not required for EU citizens

Health: Canada has a very high standard of health care and many medical products can even be purchased from a local drug store. Updated tetanus shots are always recommended, but no other vaccinations are manditory.

Recompression Chamber: In St John´s

Weather: Newfoundland has a costal climate where the weather is cool and often damp throughout the year. Summer is short but July and August are generally quite warm. The water temperatures are similar to those in Scandinavia.

Electricity: 110 volt, two prong socket

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