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Bell Island WWII shipwrecks


The Bell Island Shipwrecks are a 45 minute boat ride on the cruiser from the Foxtrap marina. There are four ships depths ranging from 60’ to 160’ within two square miles of each other. Each of these wrecks are fully intact and up right making them quite the site to see.

Chimney Cove


Chimney Cove is a small cove just 15 minute boat ride from the Foxtrap marina. This is just beside the infamous Kelly’s Island which holds many pirate and ghost stories. This dive site is full of marine life such as lobsters, eel pouts and wolf fish. The depth here ranges from 25’ to 45’.

The Bell

The Bell is another attractive site. It is about a 50 minute boat ride from the Foxtrap marina. This site is full of walls and swim throughs along with an abundance of marine life. The depth ranges from 30’ to 60’. Very good site for every level of diver.

The Conception Bay Whaling Wrecks

The Conception Bay Whalers have been an excellent shore dive since 1964. It is believed that these Whale Catchers were abandoned at the close of the whaling industry in Newfoundland. Just one mile off shore in Conception Harbour there rests the remains of two more Whale Catchers, the SS SPOSA and the SS SOIKA. They range in length from 110’ to 130 feet with a beam of approximately 30 feet. Visibility in the winter and early spring ranges from 100’ down to 30’. There is a harpoon gun mounted on one of the ships. A propeller is still on the SS Southern Foam. Fantastic photo/video opportunities await you.

Whale Bones, South Dildo

Around 1 hr from St. John’s in the south of Trinity Bay, South Dildo is a former whaling station and the skeletons of many of these large animals lie scattered on the seabed close to the shore. Accessed from the wharf or the adjacent beach, the site depth reaches approximately 20m and is easily navigated. Alternatively, a boat can be used to reach some of the areas farther away. Whale skulls, ribs, jawbones and vertebrae, some of them huge, can be found all over the site and although deteriorating and often covered in weed, they are easily recognizable.

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