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Azores Diving Holidays

  • Blue and Mako sharks, and moabulas in the clear blue waters
  • Whale watching, swimming with dolphins and hiking around the volcanoe
  • Perfect destination for families and non-divers

This tiny archipelago is saddled in the middle of the Atlantic and is the stopping-off point for many pelagic species including whales, mako and blue sharks, mantas and more. The chances for encounters with big animals here are good, and it is certainly one of the most accessible 'big animal' diving destinations on the planet.


Azores Dive Video



Princess Alice Bank

The Princess Alice Bank, or Banco Princesa Alice as it is called in Portuguese, is a submerged seamount that is located 50 nautical miles (92.6 km) to the southwest of Pico Island and 45 nautical miles (83.3 km) to the southwest of Faial Island in the Azores. The seamount rises from abyssal depths of more than 1500m to about 35m below the surface.. Find Out More...


Swim with Dolphins

Without doubt watching cetaceans in their natural environment is an unforgettable experience. However, here in the Azores, it is possible to enrich that experience with an even more exciting one - swimming with the dolphins. For some people the experience is something mystical, for others it is like returning to our origins, for everybody it is a lifetime experience! Find Out More...


Dive with Sharks

The Blue and the Mako shark are found offshore. Reaching the dive spots takes about 1 hour to navigate and the dives occur in deep water, far from coastal recreational activities. To undertake these 'blue water dives' requires excellent buoyancy control as there are no points of reference from the sea floor or a wall. Divers must therefore pay attention to their depth, orientation and dive profile. Find Out More...

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