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Ocean Revival Project - Algarve

A project promoted and developed with passion, enthusiasm and total dedication, Ocean Revival came about after four 20th-century Portuguese Navy warships, linked together by a common history, were sunk in a single location.

This underwater park brings together the natural desire to unravel the mysteries of the sea and to foster sustainability and the ideal conditions for the proliferation of marine biodiversity. It is also an incomparable opportunity for the advancement of scientific study in the area of marine biology.

The Ocean Revival Underwater Park, unique in the world, consists of a fleet of Portuguese Navy ships. It is made up of four ships sunk three miles from Portimão as their last act of service to Portugal: the Oliveira e Carmo corvette, which is 85 metres long, the 45 metres long Zambeze ocean patrol, the 65 metres long Almeida Carvalho hydrographic corvette and the jewel in the crown, the Hermenegildo Capelo admiral frigate, which is more than 100 metres long.

The vessels are located in an area free of shipping, at depths of between 16 and 30 metres and with mooring buoys for each ship, thus allowing safe and accessible diving at all certification levels, in addition to being a prime location for technical diving and for specialities such as Wreck Diving, Digital Underwater Photography, Oxygen Enriched Air Diving (Nitrox), Sidemount Diving and Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) among others.

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