Abyss Dive Safaris - Philippines

The Philippines is a destination that is perfect for a diving safari and with 3 different safaris throughout the archipelago of the Philippines, you can experience the best of this exciting country.



Camiguin Dive Safari

The diving in this region is extremely varied: macro fauna is constantly found on beautiful coral plateaus or in the black sand lagoons. Abrupt drop offs or gentle slopes, multiple underwater scenery of volcanic origins. This safari will satisfy avid divers who wish to experience different diving opportunities and discover preserved sites. Find Out More...


Magellan Dive Safari

The Magellan safari is designed for experienced divers who wish to combine deep blue dives, in search of large fish life and dives oriented more towards fixed fauna and colours. For those who have already taken a Visayas safari, this itinerary will perfectly complement their experience of the Philippines. Find Out More...


Visayas Dive Safari

The Visayas provides easy diving, rich in both life and colour. The drop offs and coral gardens will delight divers of all levels. Punctuated by land visits providing privileged contact with the locals, this safari is excellent for accompanying non divers, groups and families. The choice of hotels is based on finding ones with charm and hospitality, instead of luxury. Find Out More...

Further Information

Diving in the Philippines varies in difficulty, from very easy to more challenging. Different safaris cater to different experience levels and all of the diving holidays are suitable non divers and families. Staying in charming local hotels and enhanced by privileged visits to the native population on the islands, these safaris are a truely unique experience. Our chosen partner ´Abyss World´ has been operating unique safaris in these waters since 1991.

Bangkas (the traditional Philippino outrigger boat) provide a mode of transport and dive base for the diving safari, taking you to up to 5 different dive areas. The English speaking guides/ instructors and Philippino crew love to share their local knowledge about the Visayas, Camiguin and Magellan.

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