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Maldives - Diving & Honeymoon paradise

  • Combine a liveaboard with resort, island hop, or do a Maldives & Sri Lanka adventure
  • Whalesharks, mantas, rays, turtles, reef & leopard sharks
  • The ultimate destination for honeymoon and relaxation

One quick look at what is on offer in the Maldives reveals why many divers think of this place as one of the best on planet earth. The Maldives are made up of a series of atolls and islands which, barely scraping above sea level, give access to year round sun shine, white sandy beaches and tropical diving that will blow you away.

The relaxed atmosphere of atoll life means you can give in to the temptations of great diving and good living. Here the emphasis is on enjoying a fast drift dive or watching great manta as they come in to be cleaned. Whale sharks also frequent the area and grey reef shark sightings are common whatever the season. School of fishes in breathtaking numbers on the edge of drop offs. Maldivian diving will not disappoint.

Combine your trip the way you like, with liveaboards, resorts or maybe a stop on the way in Sri Lanka. The small tropical islands of the Maldives offer each guest a taste of paradise. Go barefoot from the moment you get on the boat or sea plane and leave all your stress behind. 


Maldives Resorts, Liveaboard and Combo Packages


Maldives Resorts

To stay on a resort in the Maldives is a perfect relaxed experience. You immediately fall in to the atmosphere and enjoy the beautiful views, the white sand on your feet and the terrific food. A stay at a resort is perfect for couples, families and divers who like a more laid back experience. Most resorts have a stunning house reef for divers and snorkelers and on some of them you can attend other activities as well, as golf and kayaking. Find Out More...

Maldives Liveaboard

Maldives Liveaboards

A week on a Maldives liveaboard means that you will be living onboard a luxurious boat for seven nights, enjoy great meals, be taken good care of by the crew and the two guides, do a lot of thrilling and beautiful dives and of course, have an amazing adventure. On a liveaboard you will comfortably get very close to each stunning dive site and experience close encounters with lots of fishes and hopefully whale sharks and mantas. Find Out More...

combo package

Resort/Liveaboard Combo Packages

In the Maldives you can put together your trip the way you like, it is a perfect destination for nice combinations. The most common way is to do a one week liveaboard followed by a couple of relaxing nights at a resort. You can also do a double liveaboard trip with 2 weeks on at boat, to get a lot of diving or combine 2 different resorts. Another option is to do a stopover in Sri Lanka on your way to/from the Maldives, a really nice adventure. Find Out More...


Maldives Dive Trips

The Maldives has something for everybody and if you have been there once, you are most likely to go back very soon. All international flights arrive in the city Male, from which your final dive destination is only a transfer away by boat to the resorts Bandos and Casa Mia or seaplane to Kuredu, Kihaad and Vakarufahli. A week or more on a resort is a perfect plan for your honeymoon or family vacation. We have many resorts to choose from to fit everybody's wishes, some are more luxurious and some are better for divers. Read more about the different resorts in the resort section above.

You can also choose to go on a liveaboard, all our liveaboards depart directly from Male and will be out at sea for seven nights. If you are a big group of friends or a dive club we can arrange a private boat for you, our different liveaboards have room for 15 to 24 divers and some boats are more luxurious than others. You also have a bunch of safaris to choose from. Most liveaboards do all these different safaris. You can read all about the boats and what time of the year the different safaris take place by clicking in the liveaboard section above.

Mix and match your trip the way you like. It is very important for you to know that you can put together your own dive trip or ask us to do it for you by just telling us more about yourself. Combine liveaboard with shorebased options to get the right balance between world class diving and time spent enjoying the sun and beach. You can also do a stopover on the way in another country. These are flights with Sri Lankan Airlines for example, which allows you to to a stop in Colombo and explore Sri Lanka, we offer an exiting itinerary in Sri Lanka which you can check out here. These are also other flights which allows you to make a stopover in other countries. Read more about all the combo possibilities and check out our example packages by clicking on the Resort/Liveaboard combo section above.

With so much on offer, the only problem with the Maldives is that at some point, you have to come home!

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