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Diving Wakatobi - Indonesia


Serving as a base for your natural explorations the well-equipped and meticulously managed dive center offers the whole range from snorkeling to Nitrox and advanced technical diving.

The adventure begins only a few steps from the resort’s white powder beach where a lush drop-off stretches along several distinct dive sites. Lionfish, clownfish, rays, batfish, crocodile fish, jawfish, ghost pipefish, waspfish, schooling jacks, turtles, mandarin fish, leaf fish and several species of pygmy seahorse inhabit a reef resplendently abloom with life. Just around the corner you can even see mating mandarin fish from time to time. Brilliant soft corals, oversized gorgonians, vibrant sponges and delicate tunicates in every hue create an intricately woven tapestry of color and texture. At night, the resort’s famous House Reef, one of the world’s best shore dives, explodes in a flurry of activity.

With such amazing reef life just fin-kicks away, and total freedom to dive day and night, some guests choose to profoundly explore the mile long House Reef. At the resort, you’ll have exclusive access to more than four-dozen dive and snorkel sites in the pristine waters surrounding the island. If you’re a serious diver, this is your place. Even if all you want to do is snorkel and enjoy the island, this is still your paradise.

Diving Options


Wakatobi offer three different types of diving: boat diving on one of the specially designed, locally-crafted dive boats, shore diving on the fabulous house reef and taxi boat diving on the further points of the house reef (The house reef is more than three (3) miles long). You can participate in any one or all three of these options on any given dive day. The choice is completely up to you, based on what your desire is for that given day. They also offer night diving (unguided) on the house reef and 1-2 guided boat night dives.

Fully equipped dive center with:

  • Unlimited tanks and air refills
  • NO2, He, Oxygen mixes & CCR scrubber
  • Equipment rental
  • Diving, which include: 3 boat dives/day & unlimited shore diving
  • Over 40 dive sites and 6 large dive boats
  • 13 multi-lingual international instructors
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