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Travel Information - Indonesia

Time: +7 GMT (Sulawesi)

Currency: Rupiah (best currency to have with you), but US dollars work as well

Language: Official language is Bahasa Indonesian. There are around 583 different languages and dialects in Indonesia.

Visa: Travelers from Sweden receive a visa upon arrival to the country. The visa is for 30 days. A visa for a maximum of 7 days costs 10 USD and for a maximum of 30 days for 25 USD. For more information please see the following website:

Airport fees: 100 000 Rupiah (ca. 10 USD) to be paid upon departure (can change without notice)

Health: Indonesia is covered in a thick jungle and Malaria exists in certain areas. Please contact your local vaccination unit for specific information and with regards to any vaccinations that you might need.

Recommendations: Bifolac or similar (ask in your local pharmacy), that helps to build up a good bacteria culture in the stomach and Immodium or similar that helps with tourist diarrhea. Pharmacies and doctors are available. **Remember not to drink water from anything but an unopened bottle!

Recompression chamber: Located in Manado city hospital in Malalayang

Climate: Sulawesi has a stable, year round tropical climate. From November to March the north-west monsoons blow through the area, bringing a lot of rain and wind. The best period of time to travel is between April and October, although June through September is even better because the dry south-east monsoon has begun.

The year round water temperature is between 25 - 30 degree celcius. The daytime air temperature during the rainy season is between 25 - 30 degrees and between 30 - 35 when the south-east monsoon comes.

Electricity: Electric power supply is usually about 220 volts/ 250 circle in big cities, but 110 volt is still used in number of regions. In general, rounded two pin sockets are found.

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