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NAD Lembeh Resort - North Sulawesi

NAD Lembeh Resort features ten Beachfront Rooms and four Sea view Bungalows. The Bungalows are local Minahasa Style with private balconies and air-conditioning.  The Rooms all feature hot water and air conditioning, with a private veranda and seating area for each unit. The Beachfront Rooms is each located on the waterfront with a beautiful view through the garden across the strait to the jungles and volcanoes of the mainland. 

NAD Resort

The clubhouse is also home to the entertainment centre and library. For wildlife enthusiasts there are many reference books on hand for identifying the thousands of marine species found in Indonesia. There is a dry and a wet camera room both just beside the restaurant with lots of bench space to work on your camera. Two computers are available and free Wi-Fi. 

NAD Resort room view

The house reef at NAD Lembeh is quite large, with many different habitats.  In the shallows you have Algae Patches and Seagrass beds, then on the sides of the bay you have some corals/ anemones (good snorkelling in the shallows). In the centre on the slope you have three wooden shipwrecks in various states of decay that have been inhabited by Groupers, Skeleton Shrimps, Lembeh Seadragons and Nudibranchs.


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