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North Sulawesi - Indonesia - Diving

  • Dive the colourful reefs full of life in Manado
  • Search for critters while muck diving in Lembeh
  • Explore the jungles of North Sulawesi during the same holiday

The best diving is between April and October, but the weather is warm and nice year round. You can expect more rain during our winter months. The diving is world-class, with more species then the Great Barrier Reef. See everything from sea turtles and stingrays to pigmy seahorses.

Combine your holiday:

  • Hard core divers - one week in Manado for reefs and one week in Lembeh for muck diving
  • Honeymooners, families, non-divers - one week Minahasa and one week Kungkungan Bay Resort
  • Combine North Sulawesi with a stop-over in Singapore


NAD Lembeh Resort

NAD Lembeh Resort

NAD Lembeh Resort features ten Beachfront Rooms and four Sea view Bungalows. The Bungalows are local Minahasa Style with private balconies and air-conditioning.  Find Out More...


Minahasa Lagoon Resort

Small, luxurious and located in a prime location just south of Manado, Minahasa is an upscale boutique resort that welcomes guests for a holiday that will remain in the memory banks for years to come.  Find Out More...


Eco Divers Resort Lembeh

Each cottages accommodates just six guests in comfort and is the very best value available anywhere in Lembeh. Less guests in total means more personalized service to you as a diver.  With free wi-fi and great food, this resort tops the list for places to stay in Indonesia.  Find Out More...


Kungkangan Resort

Kungkungan Bay Resort is built on an old coconut plantation in the heart of Lembeh Straits, close to over 40 dive sites. An exclusive and very relaxed resort, Kungkungan has very friendly and professional staff that will take care of your every need from the moment that you arrive, until the time you leave.  Find Out More...

Dive Centres

eco divers

Eco Divers (Manado & Lembeh)

Having had a dive operation in North Sulawesi since 2000, Eco Divers knows every bit of Bunaken National Park. Based at Minahasa in Manado and at their own accommodations in Lembeh, customers leave feeling that they have had a top dive holiday. Find Out More...


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