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If you are looking for a truly special destination, you are sure to find one here. From the white sands and golden sunsets of the Maldives, to Indonesia with its extremely diverse cultural and diving experiences, to the Philippines, where island hopping is made easy.  

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Indonesia is a country of over 10,000 islands, so it's not surprising that some of the best diving on the planet can be found here. However, more surprising is the variety of diving on offer in Indonesia, from exhilarating shore diving in Bali on beautiful reefs and world class shipwrecks, to diving aboard an opulent liveaboard at one of the world’s few luxury, eco-friendly dive resorts. Find Out More...



The best time to visit the Maldives is during the winter months. Here you will find everything from small tropical fish, to giants like the majestic whale shark. Mantas, eagle rays and swordfish may also be spotted. Find Out More...



Although the Philippines offers a year round season, the best diving is between October and June when it is not as hot and humid. Here you will discover beautiful corals, dolphins, colourful tropical fish, turtles and several species of sharks. Find Out More...

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