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Diving Destinations Around the World

Scuba Travel offer a wide range of diving destinations all over the world. From ice diving in Canada to Cenotes in Mexico, manta ray encounters in the Maldives to shipwrecks in Micronesia. Choose from the list below and start planning your dive holiday today.

red sea

Red Sea

The Red Sea offers some of the best diving in the world. The reefs are home to an incredible diversity of wildlife, and some of the big animal encounters can be totally breathtaking. The Red Sea is also home to some incredible wrecks including the very popular WWII wreck Thistlegorm. Find Out More...



Shipwrecks, caves, tunnels and reefs characterize the finest diving that the Mediterranean has to offer in both Croatia and Malta & Gozo. Fantastic wreck diving on WWII shipwrecks and airplanes awaits the adventurous divers who venture underneath the Mediterranean’s blue waters. Find Out More...



It may be a bit cooler in the water, but diving in the Atlantic offers divers that little extra. Whether it be whale watching, snorkling with dolphins, diving WWII wrecks or icebergs, encountering mobulas (mantas) or blue and mako sharks, divers and non-divers will never get bored. Find Out More...



From Cenotes in Mexico, to the impressive diversity of soft and hard corals in Tobago, the Caribbean is a destination for divers that want to combine fun in the sun with fantastic diving. Choose from drive-thru diving unguided diving to boat dives, from quiet, dive only islands to more lively islands with plenty of culture. Find Out More...



Our carefully selected Pacific diving destinations represent what is for most, a once in a lifetime chance to dive with large pelagic animals. Our itineraries are developed to maximize opportunities to see some of the events that most will only see from on TV. This is diving with an adventurous twist. Find Out More...



Beaches, corals reefs, thresher sharks, island hopping, whale sharks, pygmy seahorses, culture and adventure, just a few words to desribe some of the amazing things that await you on a dive holiday to Asia. Mix that with great food, friendly people and very affordable prices, you have the ultimate blend. Find Out More...



The small islands of Micronesia offer scuba divers some incredible experiences. Whether it be snorkeling with thousands of stingless jellyfish in Palau, diving on the over 200 hundred WWII wrecks the shallow bay in Truk Lagoon, or help to do research on mantas in Yap. Island hop to get the best out of your holiday. Find Out More...



Just the word “Africa” conjures up images of high adventure, and as diving destinations, both South Africa and Tanzania do not disappoint. Big animal encounters and stunning locations add to the sense that this is wild country. Find Out More...

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