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heather scuba travel

Heather, the founder of Scuba Travel, was born and raised in the Thousand Islands, in Ontario, Canada, an area well known for its wreck diving. A PADI instructor, she has travelled and dived a large part of the world since learning to dive in 1999. She has also worked in a dive shop and as a travel leader, guiding customers on dive trips to destinations such as Curacao, Bonaire, Malta, Egypt and the Philippines.

Today she is the mom of two small children, which has given her new experiences in terms of dive holidays. Bali, North Sulawesi, Tobago, Sardinia, Malta, Newfoundland, the Maldives, Egypt, the USA and Croatia are just a few of the places she's been with her family and has a lot of suggestions for dive parents.

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Camilla Norberg

Camilla has been working with Scuba Travel since 2009. She grew up in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden and her passion in life is to travel, ski, sail and dive. That is why the tourism business was the obvious choice for her. After working as a ski guide in the Austrian Alps, she studied to become a travel producer at the Scandinavian Collage of Travel and Tourism.

Camilla fell in love with diving on a round the world trip in 2004 and has now logged dives in Mexico, Egypt, Jordan, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and Croatia.

Camilla's responsibilities in the company is admin and marketing and include web page, facebook and newsletter. She lives in Utrecht in The Neatherlands since June 2014 and working from home. 

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henrik scuba travel

Growing up in Småland in the middle of Sweden, Henrik always longed for the sea. He went on to study marine biology and learned to scuba dive in 1986. After becoming an instructor and going up the ranks to a course director, Henrik worked in the dive industry owning and operating his own dive shops, and also worked with distribution of dive equipment.

His many adventures with diving has taken him around the world more then once. He has both worked and dived in locations such as Sudan, Zanzibar, Pemba, South Africa, Australia, Thailand, Malta, Tobago, Egypt, the Maldives, Bali, North Sulawesi, Bonaire, Croatia, Mozambique and Curacao.

Henrik is responsible for the sales & marketing side of things and is the managing director of Scuba Travel.


olle scuba travel

The great outdoors, sports and diving have been in focus throughout Olle's life. He is a PADI Course Director and examiner, and has owned his own dive centre. Olle worked for several years for PADI which gave him the experience of working on an international scene with diverse projects, as well as it has provided a perfect opportunity for him to travel the world. Within his work he has helped to develop the dive business, instructor examinations and marketing within this industry.

For Scuba Travel Olle is our travel advisor to agents throughout the Nordic region.


Erika Broberg

Erika grew up in Falköping, Sweden, but moved out of as soon as she was able, her first stop being Jönköping where she went to high school (gymnasiet). Here she took her dive certification in 1998. Her next stop was Australia where she studied marine biology and zoology. Upon returning to Sweden she worked for several years in Smögen as a dive instructor. Her next move took her to Norway where she worked with marine molecular biology for several months before deciding to cross the globe to the mountains of Japan.

Now back at home in Sweden again Erika is diving, and even teaching a few courses. During her years as a diver she has been diving in Australia, Egypt, the Philippines, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and Norway.

Erika has an administration roll within Scuba Travel and takes care of such things as bookings and flights.


Daniel Benér

Daniel grew up in Jönköping and became a dive fanatic when took his dive certificate during a very cold February in 2000. Despite the cold, he was fascinated by the feeling of weightlessness that comes with diving, as well as the new world that presented itself to him. After this he carried on to be a dive master and then an instructor. Between 2011 and 2014, Daniel has been involved in developing Poseidon Diving Systems where he has worked to help the company make a breakthrough with the their rebreather unit. He is a certified PADI, SSI and RAID instructor.

Daniel has travelled around the world and has certified many of the successful Posedion rebreather instructors of today. Daniel has worked in many places around the world and has even had the pleasure to work with diving in Egypt, Mexico, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Sulawesi, Sweden, Finland and Slovania.

Daniel’s main roll at Scuba Travel is as a travel advisor for our private customers and groups.


Born and brought up in Lidköping, Lena spent many years working in England, where she met her husband. Although she has her Open Water certificate in scuba diving, she tends to spend more time on a mountain bike chasing her two boys through the forest.

A Hindås resident nowadays, and with an education in bookkeeping and economy, Lena is a strong asset for the company and will be responsible for the economy side of things. Lena has taken care of the books for Scuba Travel since 2007, minus an absence for pregnancy leave.


SannaSanna grew up on a farm in Västmanland where tourism and outdoor experiences were always in focus. An interest in traveling came early on and it has taken her around the world on many extraordinary trips. She has worked in Thailand and South Africa, and most recently the Maldives where she spent two years heading up the daily operations for two of the countries best liveaboard boats. 

Sanna studied hotel management at Grythyttan, and has several years of experience from the hotel and recreational industry. 

At Scuba Travel Sanna will work as a travel consultant, assisting customers in making their dream holidays come into reality.


SannaGianni, born and raised in Halmstad, has parents from former Yugoslavia. He has spent a large part of his life in Croatia and speaks the language fluently. Everybody who meets Gianni quickly find out about his passion for football. He has played for Halmstads BK and Falkenbergs FF, but Hammary is closest to his heart. He has, apart from being an active player, trained as a referee within the Swedish Football Association. 

Gianni has completed 2 years of TRAC education at Akademi Båstad YH, and has previously been working in the restaurant and clubbing industry. He has a genuine interest in tourism, and very much wants to learn to dive!

At Scuba Travel, Gianni is in charge of administrating our group trips. He books accommodation, transfers and flights, and will help answer any questions regarding our group trips.


Having worked with Scuba Travel since 2004, Ashraf is a well known, and very appreciated face to our customers that have been traveling with us to the Egyptian Red Sea.  Ashraf and his team greet Scuba Travel guests upon arrival to Hurghada, assisting with visas, passport control and baggage pick up.  He has saved more than one customer when tickets have been lost, emergencies have arisen or when someone just needed advice.  As he works seasonally guiding his fellow countrymen around Europe and Asia, Ashraf knows what hassels can arise at airports, or while in a foreign country.  Rest assured that you are in good hands in Egypt. 

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