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Annelie Pompe - Freediver 

annelie pompe

I dive because I love the sea. My love for the sea has made me one of the deepest freedivers in the world. I share this love for the sea by teaching others the feeling of freedom that freediving brings – of being one with the sea without any clumsy equipment, as well as a professional uw-photographer.

But I don’t mind breathing underwater at all! I have a background in Scuba diving and am a PADI Divemaster with around 500 dives in seas around the world. I have been working with both scuba and freediving in Thailand and Egypt, as well as in Sweden. During Swedish summers I’m based in Lysekil, teaching freediving in Gulmarsfjorden.

I started my photography career because I wanted to show the beautiful underwater landscapes to my friends above the surface. Later on my photography moved on to mostly freediving photos, all of which are taken on one breath of air. It’s a challenge to be a freediving photographer because you only have a few moments to capture the perfect photo and you’ve got to get all the settings right. I contribute articles to the magazine FOTO, have won several photography competitions and have participated as a competition judge.

I also have a great love for the creatures of the sea, and I’ve taken several courses in Marine biology to get to know them better. I hope that scuba divers around the world are doing their best to preserve our beautiful seas and their inhabitants.

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  • Red Sea liveaboard - free diving course and training - November 2011
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