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Scuba Travel has an ambassador on most of our group and theme trips. Occasionally it is one of us from the office, read more about us here, but most often we have chosen ambassadors that are specialized in a certain field, or quite simply, are people that just love to travel and dive. Choose an STA from the list of the left to read more about them and which trips each will be leading for us.

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What is a Scuba Travel Ambassador (STA)?

  • An STA is a resource person that travels on our group trips in order to increase the quality and add value to the trip. For instance, the STA may hold presentations about the destination, or hold a marine biology workshop prior to departure.
  • An STA often has a special knowledge that can be passed on to our customers and can in that way provide a theme for the trip. An example of themes are underwater photography, marine biology and ecology, technical diving, freediving an cave diving.
  • Besides providing activities involving the trips theme, an STA has no formal travel leader responsibilities.
  • An STA is NOT responsible for any diving activities that are undertaken during the trip. This is the sole responsibility of the guides and instructors from the dive centre and/ or liveaboard.
  • An STA is NOT responsible for any technical arrangements such as flights, lodging, transfers, and diving packages. This is Scuba Travel's responsibility.
  • It is the sole responsibility of each customer to be on time for flights, transfers, dive boats, etc, even if an STA is together on the same trip.
  • If a customer chooses to ask an STA for advice, an STA will answer as a private person, and not as a representative of Scuba Travel. It is each customer's own decision and responsibility should the customer choose to use the STA's advice.
  • An STA cannot be held responsible as anything other than a private person, should any accidents occur during the trip.
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