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Reseinformation - Guadalupe

Time Zone: -7 GMT

Electricity: 110 volts American style two prong socket

Currency: Mexican pesos. The exchange rate fluctuates daily but currently fluctuates around 13 pesos to the US Dollar. Different establishments will quote their prices in different currencies, and even though most establishments will accept Mexican pesos, US dollars and Euros, you will find you save quite some money if you pay with the same currency as the different product or services are quoted on. If prices are in US dollars, pay in US dollars if you have any with you.

Payment on the boat
: Please note that the boats do not accept credit cards at this time. Be sure to have US dollars with you to pay for any extras. 

Fees on the boat: Scuba Travel tries to add all fees into the price of the trip. Any fees that will be relevant at the time of your trip will be provided to you before your departure. 

Language: The official language throughout Mexico is Spanish.

Airport departure tax: When leaving Mexico, the exit tax is US$22.00, this tax may slightly vary with no previous notice.

Passport & Visa: A valid passport is required for all international visitors. Upon your arrival you will be asked to fill in a departure card, make sure to keep this paper with your travel documents, as you will be asked to show it when you leave. If you fail to produce it, you will be fined around US$25.00 

Customs: When going through Customs in Mexico, you will be asked to press a button connected to a little traffic, if you get a green light you just walk through. If you get a red light your bags will be inspected. Once you are out of customs and immigration, a mass of people will try to confuse you by offering help and information. These people are time share sales agents. Remember your transportation has been pre-arranged. Simply walk past them and look for the driver that has a sign with your name on it.

Dive equipment recommendations: The water temp averages 18-21C so be sure to pack your gloves, hood and boots plus either a drysuit or a very good 7mm. Guests rotate in and out of the shark cages every hour.

Clothing recommendations: Daytime temperature will be 20 - 25C, with cooler evenings, so one pair of sweat pants and a fleece jacket or sweater is a good idea. Be sure to bring a hat, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen. 

Tips for the crew: It is customary in this part of the world to leave a tip or "gratuity" for the crew on a liveaboard dive boat if you think the crew are deserving, worked very hard, and went above and beyond for you.  Most guests leave a tip equal to 10% of the charter fee. Gratuities form a substantial part of the crew's income.


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