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Construction started in 1961 at the Marietta Shipbuilding Co. shipyard in California, however, in the summer of 1965 the ship was struck by a merchant navy vessel and a floating crane that the passing typhoon "Betsy" had broken loose, sinking it in nearly nine metres of water and listing 120º to the starboard side, which did not completely prevent it sinking.

Salvage operations began in September the same year and in November the ship was afloat again. However, the recovery work on the ship was done by another shipyard in New Orleans, Boland Machine and Manufacturing Company and in January 1969 the "Kellar" was put into service for the American Navy.


With 85% of the work that had been done lost to the disaster, the reconstruction of the ship was delayed due to natural factors, such as the flooding of the Ohio river and the tough winter that were felt strongly, causing several epidemics of influenza, and others that were linked to the shipyard itself, specifically strikes by workers and the financial difficulties of the constructor.

Once recovered and the work concluded, it entered into service for the US Navy in January 1969, named "Kellar".It was later acquired by Portugal and incorporated into the fleet of the Armed Forces on January 21st 1972, and it entered Lisbon for the first time on March 12th 1972 and undertook the activities of the Hydrographical Institute.

In 1981 it undertook a cruise of almost two months in the Republic of Cape Verde and in 1984 it docked in the Republic of Guinea-Bissau to carry out several studies, specifically on the Cacheu river. After Ordinance 1839/02 on December 4th 2002 it was disarmed with a view to its retirement from the fleet of the Armed Forces.


General Characteristics

Launch: July 30th 1964

Effective entry date to the Armed Forces: January 21st, 1972. The ship initially served the US Navy until being acquired by the Portuguese Armed Forces

Disarmed: December 4th 2002 (Ordinance 1839/02, December 4th)

Scrapped: November 15th 2006

Years of Service: 34

Heraldry: Coat of arms and standard awarded on June 29th, 1977

NATO Designation: A527

Type: Hydrographical Ship

Crew: 47 crew members (7 Officers; 9 Sergeants; 31 Sailors) Compared to the American crew, the Portuguese crewed the boat with more sergeants and fewer officers.

Construction: started in 1961 and concluded in 1968.

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